Amazon Advertising – Account Auditing Services

Each month, over 5.7 billion customers visit the Amazon family of sites, searching for products like yours.

Are you doing all you can to capture buyer attention?

Tossing darts at a board isn’t enough to drive users to your brand or product pages. In fact, poor product descriptions, inefficient ad targeting, and broad Sponsored Ads campaigns could be costing you money – not to mention your most valuable audiences. Careless management means these problems will go unnoticed and continue to increase your ad spend without boosting your brand.

Stop relying on underperforming Amazon advertising and harness the expertise of an Amazon advertising leader. Account Auditing Services can highlight issues with your current campaign so you can ditch the excess ad spend that’s bringing you down. Get proven help with our team of Amazon experts and locate opportunities to help you drive sales.

Get the Tools You Need to Move Forward

Uncover issues that are weighing down your campaign and create a roadmap to move forward. First step? Research. If you don’t know what you’re researching, though, you may just be spinning your wheels.

Instead of guessing, utilize Vizion Interactive’s team of expert analysts – see beyond the numbers and dive into how those numbers can expand your brand’s reach.

Your Amazon Account Audit will include:

  • Complete Audit
    Get a complete analysis of your current campaigns and dig into all your data to get the full picture.
  • Full Amazon Toolkit
    Address your product organization, ad types, and more by leveraging tools that we use intuitively.
  • Keyword Review
    Are you effectively targeting buyers? Analyze your keyword groupings, keyword match types, and build a strategy to make them successful.
  • Volume Evaluation
    Are your current ad types successful? Examine impressions, clicks and click-through rates with our help.
  • Budget Management
    Your bid types and total budget aren’t the only factors that determine success. Make the most of your Amazon efforts and advertise with confidence.
  • Account Management
    Once you’re back on the road to success, keep growing. Vizion Interactive’s Amazon management services offer continued support for future success.