Amazon Advertising Auditing

Every day, millions of motivated consumers cruise the virtual aisles of Amazon on the hunt for products like yours. Amazon Advertising Services gives you a number of impactful ways to connect in the moments that matter. Are you making the most of the opportunity?

As with any performance-based advertising channel, poor targeting and lacklustre copy can take a bite out of your ROI. With Amazon Advertising Services, there’s even more to get right, from product organization and keyword match types, to the way you deploy different ad types across your campaigns.

Our Amazon advertising services experts take a deep dive into your Amazon Advertising account and, with a keen eye for waste and advanced knowledge of the platform, uncover your greatest weaknesses and opportunities. Invest confidently in your Amazon Advertising success with an accurate view into past performance and an expert roadmap for future campaigns.

Our Amazon (Amazon Advertising) Auditing service includes:

  • An audit of your current Amazon Advertising campaigns, through product organization, bid types, keyword match types, budget management and more
  • A review of your keyword groupings, ad type strategy and historical performance based on ACOS, ROAS, CPC and CTR, with performance improvement recommendations
  • An evaluation of volume in terms of impressions and clicks, with recommendations for maximizing opportunities with efficiency in mind

Just getting started? Make the most of your initial Amazon Advertising investment with our expert Amazon Advertising management services. From compelling creative to precision targeting to dedicated support with a direct line to Amazon, we’ve got you covered.