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5 Ways to Sell Google on Your Freshness

Google has announced that its latest algorithm tweak emphasizes freshness in certain searches where the latest reliable content would be most relevant. Of course, this has everyone pondering how to give their... Read More

SEO Extensions for Link builders

With a plethora of SEO extensions available, knowing which ones to use can make all the difference to the aspiring link builder.  And while there are many excellent SEO extensions, today I... Read More

Dominating the Search Results

For those of you out there wondering if you are taking advantage of all the Google search result real estate possible, make sure you check out Josh McCoy’s, 7 Steps Towards Google... Read More

Social Bookmarking For Business

The beauty of social bookmarking is that it provides a relatively easy way to increase site traffic, interact with consumers, share your content, build your web presence, and cultivate business relationships. These... Read More

SEO Audit

The SEO Audit is a fundamental aspect of marketing your website. Like your annual physical, or a check-up at the doctor’s office, this core SEO deliverable assesses the overall health of your... Read More