2013 Atlanta Digital Summit Rocked!

It has been an absolutely great time here in Atlanta at the Digital Summit. Vizion stayed busy sponsoring a booth and speaking with several attendees. This year’s content was great as well. From SEO to video marketing and email marketing  to social media strategy, attendees looked like they were having a great time, as were we!

Below are some takeaways observed when we had a chance to step into some of the great sessions at Atlanta Digital Summit:

Keynote: How to Not Suck at Marketing

Alexis Ohanian

Co-Founder, Reddit

-Your worst enemy online is the “Back” button. if you can’t entice someone they will hit the back button. There is so much competition for viewers attention.

-No one wants “your marketing”. You have to convince them they should spend their time on you.

-Make something people want.

-Marketers ruin everything. Marketers are why we cant have nice things. People are trying to hard to sell something not in creating a community.

-Monetize with communities, not against them.

-Entrepreneur means “Has Ideas, Does Them”.

Usability & Experience

Showing the ROI-Where User Testing and Conversion Testing Collide
Mike Perla

Fathom, Dir. of Conversion Optimization

-It’s about making decisions on return on investment.
User Testing
+Conversion Testing
+Accurate Goal Value
=Show the ROI
-Do whatever it takes to determine an average lead value.
-Convert the main stakeholder and the others will fall in line.

Creating Intuitive Interfaces

Erik Muendel, CEO Brightline Interactive

Right Minded Interactive
-Provide Samples or Collect Data
-Create original content that can be shared.
Usability Improvement Process
-Define your goals in numbers
-Match experience to Goals
-Solve common problems in UX, no visual hierarchy, no calls to action, interfaces don’t go through focus groups, UX and interface are created in a vacuum.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization: New Research, Optimization Tactics Compared and the Consumer of the Future

Stefan Tomquist, VP Research at eConsultancy.

-50% of teens use smartphones as their primary access to the internet.
-78% of consumers use the internet to research products
-55% of smartphone users use them to run price comparisons.
-2010 Black Friday purchased via mobile were 6%. In 2012 this rose to 24%.
-#1 influential source for purchasers are Reviews.
-The fastest growing segment is Direct to Consumer sales by manufactures. 15% annual growth.
-In 2009, mobile commerce barely existed. Today, mobile accounts for one in three ebay purchases.
-Currently for every $92 spent acquiring visitors. $1 spent converting.
-Don’t for about site search. Those who use site search are more likely to buy.

Online Video

Facebook Engagement is Killing Your Strategy

Anna Belle Blue

-Facebook is a tactic not a strategy
-40% of time spent on Facebook are is in the News Feed.
-Don’t try to game Edgerank.

Leveraging Twitter in the B2B space

Trish Nettleship, Dir. Social Media, UCB

-Who is the Twitter audience, 100% listen and 60% tweet.
-They are everywhere, talk about everything and they are mobile.
-Listen, promote your brand, interact with your customers, create buzz around upcoming events. Provide great content.
-Optimize your profile with unique cover photo and call to action and have a featured tweet.
-Generate leads by connecting to your blog and also promoting offers.
-Promote content and integrate with your site.

Google+: The Marriage of Search and Social.

Becky Sheel

-Google+ treats G+ pages just like regular websites in search.
-Use more information based posts and less marketing…and don;t mention Facebook.
-Use large photography or video.

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