3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself About Your PPC

No matter if your campaigns spend $500 or $500,000 a month these three questions could save you from wasting your money and almost immediately increase the return of your investment in paid search marketing.

1. How many keywords are you currently bidding on in your paid search campaigns?
2. How many of those keywords have had some type of conversion in the last 6 to 12 months?
3. Why are you still bidding on keywords that have not had any conversions?

This is one of the most common errors I find when our agency begins managing an existing paid search account for a new client. Would you keep betting on a horse if it continuously lost?

If you are not tracking conversions, bookmark this blog and come back in a month after you begin tracking conversions and read this again.

3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself About Your PPC” Comments

  1. A good point well made!

  2. I only wish I could spend $500,000 a month on PPC. LOL

  3. Don

    There are occasionally reasons why I don't delete keywords that aren't converting, but it depends on their search volumes. On issue my company has is we have a call center that generates a lot of business. If a keyword gets someone to the site, but then they call to complete their order, it doesn't get shown as a conversion online.

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