3 Types of Outreach Mishaps

Outreach is an important aspect of any business. Whether you use social media, email or reach your audience another way, use outreach moments effectively to promote your image. To have a positive outreach experience for both your business and the consumer, you should avoid the following five mishaps:

  • Send it to the right person

Nothing is more humiliating than sending an email to the wrong person. Double check the email address and name used in the email so that it looks like you know what you’re doing.  I suggest using Gmail. Gmail has a function that allows you to “undo” a send. You have to be quick about it as there is a limited amount of time. And by limited amount of time, I mean seconds. You can set it to be anywhere from 5-20 seconds.

  • Not paying attention to time zones

This may not seem like a big deal, but you want to make sure your email gets read. When you’re crafting your content and preparing to hit send, first check where in the world the person you’re reaching out to is located. If you send it to them in the middle of the night it will be buried along with the rest of the messages they get the next day. It’s about making sure your message gets the best possible chance of getting opened and getting a response.

  • Not following up

Seems silly right? It is. When your contact reaches back out to you, make sure you get them what they need. Even if it means picking up the phone and calling them, do it. This also means you need to properly organize your email inbox. Use folders and alerts to make sure that if anyone replies back to you, you’re able to quickly find the email and reply back to them.
Admittedly these are somewhat basic, but how many times do mistakes occur because we don’t pay attention to the simplest of rules? What are some other outreach mishaps you’ve seen/experienced?