7 Video Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

7 Video Content Marketing Tips & Tricks Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 4 minutes

Video content marketing is becoming more and more popular in the digital sphere. In fact, Forbes reports that videos have 135% more reach on average than photos alone. It can be daunting to feel the pressure to take advantage of video marketing in the most effective way to keep up with or surpass your company’s online competitors. The pressure to “go viral” or have the most views on your video content often feels overwhelming, making it even more frustrating when an idea falls flat. Here are seven video marketing tips and tricks to help you and your company succeed with online campaigns:


Staying in touch on various social media platforms is a must for businesses – big or small. Coming up with compelling content is one of the most difficult steps in the process. Sometimes it feels like you just don’t have anything interesting to share, or if you do – it’s over the heads of the masses and doesn’t translate. This creates a great window for sharing announcements. The public, and more specifically your clients, want to hear about new products, programs, or even big events. These types of video posts are not only eye-catching, but they keep your followers informed with what’s new and better than any other strategy. Some ideas for great video content marketing announcements include:

  • Announcing a new feature
  • Promoting upcoming special events
  • Sales promotions that are going on or coming up soon

Overview of the Company

Because videos garner reactions almost twice as often as photos for most brands, creating a video overview of your company can be an excellent way to engage followers and clients. Essentially, a video overview is a highlight-reel or electronic press kit of your company’s story and what you do best. Shining a spotlight on specific services, as well as the attributes that make your company different, are two ways to cut through the overwhelming sea of posts on Instagram and Facebook. Creating an overview doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. If you or a team member are strong in the field of editing, it’s possible to repurpose certain aspects of content or content writing. Some great overview video ideas include:

  • Incorporating staff testimonials.
  • Pinning your video to the top of your company Facebook or Twitter pages.
  • Using the overview video as part of the website landing page.
  • Running the video as an Instagram add for an extended period of time to attract new followers.

Product Demos

Take off the business hat for a moment and think about what you prefer as a consumer. If you are on the website of a product or service you may purchase or use, would you prefer to read a long post/blog about a product, or watch a video that details the same information? Most people would prefer to watch the video, and you likely would, too. With that in mind, following up product announcements with product demos is a great way to get the most out of video content marketing. Here a few ways to make a great product demo:

  • Keep it simple. Your clients and followers likely don’t want overly techy lingo.
  • Showcase a scenario where the new product or service is needed and offer a solution that the new product or service can provide.
  • Show the product in action doing what it does best, rather than explaining it.

Embrace How-To Content

How-to videos capture many searches from individuals who are looking for the solution to a specific problem. If you can drive those searches to your site, you may gain a follower or customer. If nothing else, you will certainly attract a viewer. Offering specific solutions to common problems is a great way to show your company’s authority on certain subjects, while simultaneously showcasing your products. It’s a win-win. A few ideas for great how-to content include:

  • Showing users how to use your products to solve a problem.
  • Aiming for a tone that is more helpful than salesy to gain return service.
  • Providing expert tips in addition to a solution or service.

Utilize Customer Testimonials

If you are consistently getting rave reviews online, or – better yet – have built a relationship with a few satisfied customers, don’t be afraid to reach out for a customer testimonial. These videos are highly attractive to viewers, because they use a third party to build trust in your product or service. You don’t have to be the salesman – your customers are likely happy to do it for you. A few ideas for making a customer testimonial successful include:

  • Offering the customers in the video an incentive, like discounted service or a gift card.
  • Refraining from “scripting” the customer – let them give the video an organic, personal voice.
  • Concluding with a CTA from one of your team members for added professionalism.

Get Seasonal

Seasonal videos are popping up everywhere, as the holiday season is in full swing. It may feel like a cliché to capitalize on holidays or times of the year. However, it’s a good idea to create seasonal videos for several reasons, such as:

  • They endear your following and customers to the company.
  • They offer an outlet to show fun, personality, and a festive side.
  • They provide a chance to market seasonal discounts organically.
  • They show that your company is relevant and posts often.

Have a Teaching Moment with Q & A Sessions

Your customer base will likely have questions about the services you provide, or about the company in general. You can provide those answers, while also creating effective video content marketing. The great thing about Q & A videos is that they can be produced ahead of time, or filmed live on social media platforms. A few tips for a successful Q & A session include:

  • Finding questions, concerns, and complaints in online reviews to create questions.
  • Providing answers that are to the point and not overly technical.
  • Offering an understanding tone that shows the company hears concerns.
  • Having followers submit their questions as comments in a previous post to help them feel listened to and included.

Video content marketing may feel daunting, but with these tips and a bit of hard work it can be effective and fun. Put in the effort with video marketing and watch your online base grow before your eyes. Contact us to learn more about digital marketing today.

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