A New Year…Time for an SEO Review

As we enter a new year and reflect on the previous , there is no greater time than to complete a review of your SEO program. Many of us fall victim to an obsessive pace as we attempt to stay abreast of all the search engine changes and offerings as the year goes on. Now is the opportunity to reflect on the overall goals of your site as well as the broad level elements of your SEO campaign to make sure your strategy is in tune. Check out more of this in my monthly column on Search Engine Watch, Seven Quick Tips to Keep Your SEO on Track in 2012.

A New Year…Time for an SEO Review” Comments

  1. Paul

    For my part, I recommend a quarterly evaluation of your SEO, SEM and PPC efforts based on metrics founded that are regarded as performance. Did you meet your target? How about conversion? I keep that in mind as tips from seo consultant orange county.

  2. Ronda

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