A September 11th Image You Won’t Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head

While today is a day of remembrance in our great nation, we are flooded with images, news stories, personal stories and the like all over social channels and main stream media.  While I searched for one of the best images of the 2 million bikers flooding DC right now, I came across this one.  And this one is the one I chose to share today.

The images of the bikers are powerful, yes.  They bring emotion to us all, yes.  God bless those bikers!  And God bless America!

But this image brought tears to my eyes and a swell in my chest within a few seconds of laying my eyes on it.  To say a picture is worth a 1000 words doesn’t cover what this image communicates.  A powerful moment captured in time that no doubt was taken through teary eyes accompanied by overwhelming feelings of panic, anger and helplessness.  Can you imagine how this American felt, being so far away, knowing there was no quick way back to family and friends while taking this snapshot of the most devastating time in U.S. history?  How do you feel now looking at it and remembering?

Share your experiences in the comments below of that day twelve years ago or any day of remembrance since then.

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911 image from space