Affiliate Marketing Relationships: Communication is Key!

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Communication is an important element to any relationship, be it personal or professional, and one that must be adhered to in affiliate marketing management. How you choose to communicate with your affiliates will determine the level of desire and commitment they will have in advertising your products as well as the knowledge they will have of your products.

While affiliate advertisers work for you, you could not compose the affiliate structure without them. They are the most essential part of the program and therefore you must convey all program specific items to them. Whether this is through bulk-emailing, monthly newsletters, or personal communication, an affiliate advertiser must know the complete details of a product throughout its lifecycle. For example, communication is important to convey a sale that is running for a particular product. This would allow an advertiser to place special creative which may in-turn convert at a higher rate. Another example may be a branding transition resulting in creative revisions that must be swapped in place of existing ad types. With this said, there are several reasons as to why your affiliates must be “in-the-know” on company and product matters.

An affiliate who is included in frequent communication is likely to hold their publisher in a higher regard as you are helping to make their job easier and more profitable. Consistent communication allows you toAffiliate Communication also understand the needs of your advertiser. Are they interested in additional ad types for further promotion, yearning for a higher commission, willing to advertise on an additional site? All of these elements lack opportunity if there is not an open channel between the publisher and the advertiser. Taking it a step further, find out how your affiliates prefer to communicate. Some may be happy with a mass-email or newsletter and others may prefer personal emails and phone calls.

It is understandable that by human nature you are going to extend additional effort for a super affiliate or any other top performers. Ideally, you should use the above suggestions with all of your affiliates for process consistency and because you never know who your next top performer might be. In the end, a well informed affiliate is confident in promoting your products.