How to Recruit Affiliates to Your Affiliate Program

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When recruiting affiliates who will become motivated and driven to sell your product, it is important that you “turn the table”, so to speak. Place yourself inside of the mind of a prospective affiliate. Ask yourself, if I were an affiliate, what would I want to see in an affiliate program that would make me feel that this is a successful partnership? No, it is not always completely about dollars and conversions. This is because a knowledgeable affiliate looks at how easy it will be to sell your product via a lead conversion, how committed the company is to their affiliate program, and how easily a lead will convert.

The first point to consider in the recruitment of a quality affiliate is your site’s usability and conversion potential. With this, how easy is it for a lead to navigate through a sales process on your site? Is your call to action clear? If your site is a jumbled mess of dead links, blurry call to actions, a never-ending purchase cycle, and confusing information architecture, your prospective affiliate will realize that no matter if they generate an enormous amount of leads, few will likely convert.

Another point to consider when attracting potential affiliates is the education of your program. This helps draw affiliates in two ways. A wealth of information on-site about your affiliate program will show your commitment to program affiliates and the confidence you have in your product and the future of your company. It also provides the need to know basics for an affiliate to make a decision on pursuing a relationship. In this, affiliate-related pages on your site should include information on the affiliate program which includes an outline of the program, terms and conditions, company goals of the program, CPA/CPL , and incentive rates. Any additional items you can include such as ad sizes and ad types provide the prospective affiliate with answers to early questions and options they might have if they join the program. Also, provide information on the frequency of special product pricing and promotions. Any information that shows an affiliate that your product is easier to sell than another publishers program will persuade the affiliate to choose your program.

There are several means of attracting affiliates whether it may be through third-party recruiting advertisements, affiliate recruiting emails, or promoting affiliate pages on your site. Regardless of what method you use to recruit quality affiliates, the above tips should be adhered to if you plan on convincing the affiliate community to accept your program.
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