All I want for Christmas…are links!

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And to help all the boys and girls out there in SEO land, I am going to give you three link building tips to help secure your spot on Santa’s Nice List.  Be relevant, be trustworthy, and be natural.

1. Relevance

When building links, you first concern should be finding relevant web sites.  So what does that mean?  It’s actually pretty simple: a relevant website has content that is meaningful to the visitor.  If you were landing on a site through an organic search on Christmas Cookies, you would expect the page you land on to be about Christmas Cookies.

In the case of link building, relevant websites are those that have content related to your business/product/topic of interest.  And your goal is to get your link inside the content of a relevant page or a page that discusses your business or topics relevant to you.  Ideally, you want to get your links embedded inside a page (versus navigational text links).

2. Trust

Trust in link building as measured by your website domain as well as the trust of the website linking to you.  Trust Rank is the trust level granted to any particular website on the Internet; it helps certain sites score higher on rankings.  The conundrum here is that to become trusted you need links from trusted websites.  The trust rank of your site is a composite of several factors: your domain age, quality of back-links to your site, the actual content on your website, as well the optimization history of your domain.

Be wary of links from low trust sites!  Not only is it important who you link to, but also who is linked with you.  Say for instance you have a link on a site that also contains links of low trust sites.  You now find yourself in a bad neighborhood and your trust rank will suffer accordingly.  So remember, don’t just build links, build trust as well.

anchor text

3. Natural (anchor text)

Anchor text is the clickable words within a link.  Search engines use anchor text as a factor in determining your website’s rank, and the particular words used in the anchor text will help your site to be ranked for the keywords you are targeting.

However, if you build links with the same anchor text repeatedly, you are essentially waving a flag, “Link builder at work!”  Search engines will penalize over-optimization.  So you will want to make sure to vary your anchor text, by using brand names or longer phrases that contain your keywords.  You want your anchor text to appear organic and not a product of SEO.

If you follow these three tips when building your links, you may just find what you are looking for this Christmas.  Also, it never hurts to leave out a glass of milk and a plate of cookies!


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  1. Nice! What percentage of optimized anchors do you recommend?

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