All the Content Writing Tools You Should Be Using

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So, you’re a content writer. How is that working out? Whether you have been struggling to find your rhythm or are ready to take your current success to the next level, you need the right tools to do your job the best way possible. Every content writer needs the right assistance somewhere in their work, but how do you find it?

You can search for anything from search engine optimization (SEO) tools, to editing, and anything in between. There are even tools produced for content writers by content writers. These are the experts. Any content writers producing tools for other content writers have been around and know the ins and outs to create these tools. They can certainly help improve your content writing.

There are so many tools out there to help content writers move forward in their careers – you only have to know where to look. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having trouble digging down and writing, focusing on your work, or if you are just lacking the right SEO tools, you only need to do a little research to find an abundance of tools for content writers at all stages.


Using the right tools for the right job is the most important part of improving your content writing work flow. These tools can help you move forward in your work:

  • Hemingway App
  • Blog Idea Generator
  • Siteliner
  • Canva
  • Web Content Checklist and Writing for Conversation
  • Keyword Planner
  • NinjaEssays
  • Unsplash
  • Soolve
  • ZenPen

Now you have the tools, but what do they do and where do you start?

Hemingway App

This site allows you to paste your content into the application and see color-coded markings appear on the page showing you any complicated sentences, passive voice, confusing words, and more. It can provide you with easy editing before submitting your work. You can easily use Hemingway App to produce clear content that your readers will love.

Blog Ideas Generator

Looking for a way to incorporate perfect keywords? This site will allow you to type in your target keywords and then it will provide you with topics and title ideas for blog posts. It’s a great way to plan a single blog or a series of blogs without wasting too much time on brainstorming or mulling over topics and titles.


Worried about duplicate content? Use this site to avoid that problem. Siteliner allows you to scrutinize through your content quickly and find any duplicate content before it’s too late. This site will work on every aspect of your content, from whole paragraphs to single words. Find duplicate content before someone else does and save yourself the worry and hassle of accidentally duplicating another’s work.


Looking to spice up your content with images? Canva can create a multitude of images for free or provide more complex images for $1 a piece. With this tool, you can never run out of images to add to your content. They provide images for banners, social media, photos, and more. Look to them if you’re in need of a little color in your content.

Web Content Checklist and Writing for Conversation

These tools are not websites or apps to enhance your writing or spruce up your content. They are articles that will help you immensely with your content. Using these tools can provide very important insight into content writing and guide you through the beginning stages to show you the ropes of the trade.

Keyword Planner

This tool is a Google product that gives you the ability to plan your content based on needed keywords. It allows you to enter your topic, industry, website, and more and gives feedback on keyword options for your content. It provides in a list keywords organized by subject, popularity, level of competition, and more. It’s a great way to start off planning for your next piece of content.


A great tool for all levels of content writing. This site has experts in specific fields, including editors, who can help you create or revise your content. Contact NinjaEssays and get in touch with an expert on the topic you’re writing, or find an editor who can make sure your piece is ready for publication. The team at NinjaEssays is there to help.


Unsplash is a great tool to add images to your content. Receive 10 free images for your content each week that don’t produce copyright infringement. Whether you’re looking to brighten up the content or enforce a point, Unsplash can help. They provide subscribers with free images every week to aid in moving a piece of content a little higher up the perfection ladder.


Keyword research just got easier. Soolve provides the opportunity for you to find all the important keywords from sites like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and more, just by typing in any term related to your writing. Soolve provides the most important keywords so you know what needs to be in each of your pieces of content to make it discoverable in searches – no matter which engine your potential readers choose.


There are no distractions with ZenPen. This program offers content writers the ability to have a blank page open to them with no options for distractions. There is no tool bar or large icons for varying options. ZenPen provides a small box in the corner for options you may need during your writing, but nothing that will distract you from your goal. If you’ve found it difficult to write because of too many distractions, try ZenPen and find your inner Zen.


Read an article, download an app, add images to your content; you name it, there’s probably a tool out there for it. Do a simple search, and find the tools that are best for your next piece of content or your focus in writing it.

There are many options out there to help content writers with their work. The tools on this list are only a small fraction of the tools you can find to help your writing. Try one of these tools, or search for others if you’re having trouble focusing on your content. Depending on your needs, there are tools out there for almost any content writing need.

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