Shanti Shunn

Shanti Shunn
Shanti Shunn

Shanti Shunn is a 20-year veteran of the eCommerce marketing and technology industry, primarily in the retail space. Shanti, with his broad experiences across all SEM marketing channels and his profound understanding of technical architecture has been in the trenches throughout the evolution of the current eCommerce marketing landscape. Shanti has worked with organizations of all sizes from start-up to fortune 100 brands and continues to be a fixture in the SEO and SEM fields.

Shanti has been working in the online marketing realm since his early days doing PPC on in the nineties. He has since managed large-scale marketing programs, including all digital channels for companies large and small. His self-admitted passion however, has always been on the melding of technology and SEO foundations, including how it all fits within an overall businesses channel mix. This zeal for SEO is what brought him to join the Vizion Interactive family.

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