Avoid Road Rage: Podcast Your Commute

Having worked from my home office these past two years, I panicked for a solid three minutes when I realized that tomorrow I join the nation’s least favorite pastime: commuting. If there were a way to have the pleasure of the team’s company without the commute, trust me, I’d be all over it. As it stands, I’ll be frequenting our office in Las Colinas (North Irving).

Imagine adding a two hour drive to your schedule every day after blissfully avoiding it for two years! Exactly. Reality check times ten. But it’s not the drive that’s so horrible. It’s the wasted time. It’s having to be conscious for the whole drive. What can you do? The only things remotely safe to do while driving are 1) talk and 2) listen. You can do both on the phone, if you have that much to say on a daily basis and you can reach someone worth talking to. You can talk into a hand-held microphone and record your thoughts for your new book, business proposal, grocery list, etc. You can listen to the radio, but how many days in a row do you really want to hear the same songs? There’s talk radio, but you’re at the mercy of the station as to topics. There’s audio books, but they’re expensive unless you find them at a used bookstore.

Solution: With your almighty iPod in tow, select a variety of podcasts off the web and download them onto your iPod. I recommend iTunes as your platform for download, simply because it’s obviously easiest to use with an iPod. It should have been an obvious solution, but I haven’t used my iPod in weeks. Let’s face it, when you work from home, there aren’t a whole lot of moments when an iPod comes in handy. One extremely popular exception is the gym. The iPod is a must for weight training and cardio exercises.

Whether you’re into sports, marketing, religion, politics, economics, art, or one of dozens of hobbies, there’s a podcast or two out there for you!

I’ve always struggled to keep up with the latest in SEO news and marketing tips. There are too many blogs to read to cover them all. With the new commute, I’m looking on the bright side and anticipating a chance to catch up with a few of my favorite podcasts. Visit WebmasterRadio for some of the best podcasts in our industry.