Been Busy Lately

Wow…have we been busy, lately.

Something tells me that this won’t stop anytime soon.

The search engine optimization space continues to grow, and we’ve been very fortunate to have many new clients on board including and Palm Harbor Homes.

Along with the new business, we are now seeing Google’s backlink/Page Rank update and this has been fun as heck to watch. I’ve been tracking 20 different Google IP banks and am watching the hourly updates bounce around like crazy. With the fact that the VIZION Interactive website is so new (just launched in early November) this will be the first update that we’ve caught with the website up and running. It should be interesting to see how this affects things.

Some members of the VIZION Interactive team will be making their way to the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York City, next week. This will be the first time that I’ve seen many “old” friends in some time, so it will be very nice to get reacquainted with everyone. If you’re one of those, please feel free to contact us and schedule some time to get together!

Well…I hope that it won’t be another 3 1/2 months until I’m able to update the blog. But, until next time…