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Ever since Bings launch, I have used it some, and my experience with is has been pleasant. News reports state that it’s the fastest growing search engine. Currently, it only holds about 11% of the search marketing industry. Google is still at a whopping 65%- but Bings growth has averaged (month to month) about 20%. This is phenomenal.

Bing has put alot of focus on ‘Bing Travel’. A nice shortcut to finding great deals, which seemingly seems to simplify’s efforts. You can look for last minute deals, cheapest flights, you can even sign up to recieve the specified deals to your own email address.

Bings Visual Search offers a newer, innovative method of search
You arrive at

I clicked ‘politicians’. On the left, you see in the menu bar with other potential search terms you may want to see- visually. When I clicked ‘Presidents Cabinet’, there came pics of all the presidents cabinet complete with names. Clicking on one of these pics takes you to a search for that individual. So, musch like enjoying a book that is packed with pictures, it looks as though search is also turning this direction.

I have provided a visual walk-through if you would like to see how it works:


This is definetely one area that Bing is ahead of Google. Trending Topics & general posts on Twitter are now contexted & appearing in real time on Bing. It looks as though it’s not on the main Bing search site (, but you’ve gotta start somewhere..

These are just a few of the features, but this is by far the best efforts ever by MSN.

Bing Happenings…” Comment

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