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Business blogs, like this one, are an excellent way to share a company’s knowledge, new products, news, etc. with customers and employees. This tool offers an easy way to increase web traffic and reach potential customers while building a company’s brand and establishing a stronger corporate image. One of the best parts about this marketing tool is that many blog platforms are free and they are fairly easy to maintain.

Before starting a blog, the purpose and business objectives of the blog need to be established. While there are many general benefits of having a business blog, the expected outcomes should be spelled out to ensure they are in line with company goals. Once these items have been defined, figuring out who the targeted audience will be is likely the next step in the process. For many businesses, this would be their ideal customer. Addressing the questions and needs of these individuals can help make the blog the powerful marketing tool it was set up to be. After these points have been addressed, the process of setting up the blog is a piece of cake!

– The first step to starting a blog is figuring out where you would like the blog to reside. Would you like to use a subdirectory, separate domain, or subdomain? This is a decision you would need to make based on technical ability, company needs, and the blog’s overall purpose. While all of these are viable options, adding the blog to a subdirectory is the only option that will help build your site’s authority while showing the search engines that you regularly add fresh content to the site. This point is critical since search engines love to see new content added to your website on a regular basis.

– Next, the blog will require a name. When naming the blog, business owners should select a title that represents the company, its vision, and will stand out in the crowd.

– The next decision to be made is the blog’s point-of-view. Will it be formal or informal? Private or personal? Many companies, such as Vizion Interactive, have a public blog so its posts can be seen by anyone on the web. Vizion also allows employees to contribute to the blog which gives several perspectives on industry related topics. Many companies have found success with this system, as it keeps content fresh and varied.

– To keep the blog consistent and current, it is important to decide how often to post and create a blog (editorial) calendar that lists the topics that will be covered. Keeping the blog up to date is imperative to receiving the many benefits it has to offer.

– Check the blog and interact with respondents/followers as frequently as possible. This will help to build trust and a rapport with customers. If these are the individuals the blog was intended to reach, it will be because of their interaction the blog will grow.

A blog is a dynamic website that the search engines love and targeted audience members like to interact with. This marketing tool can assist in building web presence and authority as an industry leader. A business blog could be just the thing a business needs to stand out in today’s highly competitive market.

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