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Capitalizing on Search Trends, Gangnam Style

Gangnam Terms  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 3 minutes

This week, I have definitely seen fewer references, clips and new parody videos about the K-pop hit "Gangnam Style" by South Korean artist Psy. If you are truly sick of this trend, take heart — there are some signs that Gangnam Style has peaked. To confirm, I headed over to Google Trends which merged with Google Insights for Search last month. October trends are definitely down from September when Psy made the rounds on shows from Ellen to SNL.

Google Trends

Enviable Search Visibility

Gangnam Style illustrates the potential that rising internet trends can generate. In just three months, this single has been rocket fuel for search opportunity. The trend is made for video and Gangnam Style has set the Guinness World Record for YouTube likes. Five of the top 20 viral videos this week have the name Gangnam Style or Psy in the title. But outside of YouTube, Gangnam Style has reached a number of enviable search milestones in just three months, including:

Capitalizing on Trends in Search Campaigns

Marketers can benefit from studying Google Trends for insights into long tail terms and rising terms associated with Gangnam Style for ideas on how they might piggyback on the phenom:

Most marketers view a viral campaign as either a myth or a very rare event. If you can’t start an international trend, it makes sense to capitalize on existing ones. The trick is to spot hot trends early and generate your content with a fun spin before it jumps the shark. Getting your content out early is also beneficial for SEO as this content needs both a little lead time and some authority to gain visibility.

Spotting Trends Early

Social networks are definitely where trends will emerge. However, your ability to catch the scent in these channels is heavily dependent on your network. If Aunt Phyllis is aware of it, you’ve definitely missed your window. Instead of the platforms themselves, look for aggregators of what’s popular from sites such as:

Consider making a G+ circle for users that you know are quick to spot new things. And keep watch on trending terms from Google Trends. Check popularity lists and trend spotting sites such as:, KnowYourMeme. Familiarizing yourself with the history of Internet trends and memes can also make you a better forecaster. Dipity has published an outstanding Tiimeline of Internet Trends

Once you’ve spotted an upcoming trend, the key is to act quickly. First, consider the best medium to reach users interested in the trend and then brainstorm for unique ways to tie the concept into your business, products, services or even company culture. Blog posts, videos, infographics and images can be turned around quickly. Check Google Trends for popular/rising keywords and optimize your content appropriately. Don’t forget to tap your network to get some social validation for your efforts.

Now get out there and spot the next trend and drop me a comment about your effort to capitalize on a trend.

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