Chrome Extensions You Should Install

Photo  Vizion Interactive

There are a TON of SEO specific tool extensions that exist already. And most of them do the same thing as the others. However, when it comes to working online nothing can make your job easier than plugins/addons for your browser to help speed things along outside of the routine SEO toolbars. I recently came across four extensions that are proving to be quite useful and have functionality that no SEO extensions currently have.

  1. Note Anywhere

Ever see something you wanted to make a note of online and share it? But you didn’t have the screengrab capability at the moment, or maybe you did but you didn’t want to pick the right color of text or make sure the text was in the right position? Note Anywhere allows you to literally leave a note anywhere on any page:

photo 1
Even if you leave the page it will keep the notes there until you delete them. Which is handy if you ever find yourself working late and get sleep deprived or if you drink too much at a conference but want to check that “really cool site” you saw the next day. Ya know, after the hangover.
This extension also keeps track of how many notes you placed on a page:


UntitledWhich is really helpful for sites that have endless scrolling, and also lets you troll co-workers as they scroll and scroll and scroll to clear out the last note. Not that I’m saying to do this…just that you could.

  1. IB Tab

Cross browser compatibility is something that should never get overlooked, no matter how you feel about IE:

Even when you have to open up it up there’s a certain amount of dread that comes along with it. Now, with IE Tab you don’t have to worry about doing that ever again. Never again, forever never:

In order to activate this you just click on the icon in your toolbar and it reloads the site like this:

ie tab 1
If there’s something off on the formatting you’ll see it, or (as with LinkedIn) you’ll get a notice from the site saying they don’t support that particular browser.
Easy to install and even easier to use…unless IE breaks it.

  1. Word Count

Gone are the days of copy and pasting from a site into word in order to get the word count from a page or paragraph. After you get this installed you just have to highlight, right click and then click on the Word Count Tool option:

word count 1
word count 2
After that you get the word count for the section of content you were reviewing. After you get this information you can use Note Anywhere to leave a reminder about the character/word count that was just discovered.
Short section? You bet, the tool is really easy to use and really cuts down on the copy and paste and then remove any formatting issue in Word you get from doing that. This is a much easier way to get this information.

  1. OneTab

Okay, all this talk and love for Chrome and I bet you think we’re ignoring the elephant in the room:

Well thanks to OneTab this not only makes your browser look much cleaner but it also reduces the amount of memory Google Chrome is using. OneTab claims it can reduce memory usage by 95%:

onetab 1
While I can say I rarely have several tabs open, I can see the appeal for people that are tab addicts.

Once you have this installed you just have to click on the icon to activate it. Then all the tabs are placed into one tab:

onetab 2
The sites are broken up based on when they were opened and when OneTab was activated. In addition the tabs are sortable by clicking and dragging and you can even share groups as a web page with others. While the tabs may not be visibly accessible at one glance they are all located…in one tab.

If using one tab isn’t your style or if you have removed a lot of the sites you were looking at, in order to get out of the one tab you just have to click “restore all” and everything will go back to the way it was.

Ever used these extensions before? Have you alternatives or other Chrome tools we should check out? Let us know, we’d love to hear about them!