Consider These Factors Before Investing in LinkedIn Ads

Consider These Factors Before Investing in LinkedIn Ads Vizion Interactive

Of all the social networking sites out there, LinkedIn is arguably the most important for professionals. Why? As of April 2020, LinkedIn featured over 575 million subscribers, a community it has cultivated since 2002. When you consider that over 80% of all B2B social media leads are generated on LinkedIn, it becomes clear just how crucial the site is for your marketing efforts.

How can you optimize your LinkedIn ads so that you stand out among the rest? Start by staying up-to-date on the most current developments.

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What’s New In 2020?

In January 2020, LinkedIn released its quarterly update, geared towards helping users engage more thoroughly with other businesses and professionals. In it, the site rolled out some new features which, according to LinkedIn itself, are aimed at boosting engagement through interaction. Coupled with an algorithm overhaul mid-2019, LinkedIn has doubled down on its commitment to evening out its engagement metrics so that small, medium, and large-sized brands see an equal chance to promote posts and capitalize on organic searches.

In part, that means prioritizing and rewarding content creators to encourage more professionals to engage in activity across the board. These additions were added to enable users to grow and engage with communities even as they’re under construction:

  •       Post as a Page – Updates to the LinkedIn structure now allow easy switching between posting as an individual and as a page. No matter which way you choose to represent your brand, you can simply toggle between the two.
  •       Invite to Follow – This feature allows you to invite first-degree profile connections to follow your brand’s page. For example, if you gain new contacts via a webinar conference or other networking event, you can now invite them to follow your page. This feature is especially helpful for pinpointing your follows within your target audience.
  •       LinkedIn Live Streaming for Pages – Now organizations and brands can engage in live streaming along with the individuals who already utilize the option. As live streaming can garner as much as 7 times the shares and 24 times the comments as regular video posts, utilizing this feature can be a key point of engagement for your brand.

LinkedIn Ads

Now that we’ve covered recent tweaks that can affect your engagement and organic results, it’s time to decide on a LinkedIn Ad type. First, however, it’s essential to realize your end goals for purchasing LinkedIn Ads – are you attempting to expand on your brand awareness? Find new client leads? Your answers to this question will determine which ad types may be right for you.

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Currently, LinkedIn offers the following ad types:

  •       Traditional ads. Video, image, and text ads appear only on desktop and work similar to Google display ads of the same types. These ad types are the most economical and allow you to run several test versions of the same ad. Traditional ads are great for boosting your brand awareness quickly and with little oversight. (CPC or CPM)
  •       Sponsored InMail. This ad type allows you to send direct, personalized messages to users in your targeted audience. You can include a greeting and body text, link, and a call to action button within the message, all scheduled for delivery the next time the user is online. These ads work especially well to drive leads since they are personalized and appear directly within the user’s inbox. (Cost/send)
  •       Sponsored and Direct Sponsored Content. This ad type allows you to share text, video, carousels of images and larger images to promote brand updates or showcase content directly on your targeted users’ feeds. With sponsored content, you’ll publish to your page as well as user feeds while direct sponsored content appears in user feeds without appearing on your page. If you’re looking to boost engagement, these ads work well as they appear directly on selected user feeds. (CPC or CPM)
  •       Lead Gen Forms. You can select Lead Gen forms to appear in a user’s inbox or within sponsored content. These ads allow you to supply up to three fields for users to enter personal information for the purpose of generating leads. Perhaps even better – the form can auto populate with the user’s information to secure your lead. (CPM or Cost/Lead)
  •       Dynamic Ads. A dynamic ad allows you to utilize the information contained on a user’s profile page to feature your personalized ad on their feed. These ads appear to speak directly to the user and also allow autofill of user information if the user desires to reach out to you without the need for typing out their personal information; however, they appear on desktop only. These ads are great for boosting page followers or advertising job openings. (CPC or CPM)

Although many LinkedIn ads operate on a CPC (cost per click) format like most other social media ad schematics, this platform is a bit more expensive than others; it also tends to generate more leads. Thus, it’s essential to pay strict attention to your LinkedIn ad goals and focus your efforts on the ad types that can help you achieve them. In general, we suggest bidding up to ensure you leverage more viewership and engagement for each ad purchase.

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