Contemporary Surgery and Convera Launch Vertical Search Engine

SurgeryFindIt Search Engine
Contemporary Surgery, along with help from Convera, has launched a new search engine at SURGERYFINDIT.COM. This new search engine tool provides targeted search results for surgeons.

SurgeryFindIt Search Engine Search Results

Contemporary Surgery’s goal is to provide general surgeons with “a wealth of peer-reviewed, practical clinical data and practice information”. SURGERYFINDIT.COM attempts to deliver “editorially selected Web site searches” to their end users by editing out what they call “extraneous and unrelated sites”.

Searches initiated through SURGERYFINDIT.COM will direct searches on surgical resources such as associations, peer-reviewed journals, medical schools and major medical centers, and suppliers of surgical devices.

As a sample, I searched for “gall bladder” because I had hired a great general surgeon here in the Dallas area to take out my gall bladder when I needed it removed. Turns out that they have a lot of good information, as evidenced by a search. I could see very useful for both people like me as well as general surgeons.


SurgeryFindIt Search Engine Search Results for Gall Bladder

Contemporary Surgery is published by Dowden Health Media.

Dowden Health Media, a division of Lebhar-Friedman, Inc., is a full-service healthcare communications company that specializes in high-quality communication with physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and consumers. Its highly respected, peer-reviewed journals reach more than 300,000 physicians and clinicians in surgery, psychiatry, family practice, internal medicine and obstetrics/gynecology.

Convera(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:CNVR) is the leading provider of vertical search services for trade publishers and manages the vertical search sites of a growing number of specialist publishers around the world.

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