Content Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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Content marketing is effective, but it requires a considerable time commitment. Content development takes time, and marketers must publish and maintain content over time. From blog posts to Vine videos, content can easily overwhelm a small marketing team.

Content marketing tools won’t do all the work, but they can simplify many processes. Whether you need to post social media lists every day or perfectly time an emailed newsletter, these content marketing tools will help you get the job done:

Note: There are several different tools in each category, and this list is only a representational cross section of the tools available in each field. Once you determine your content marketing needs, use this list as a starting point to find the tools that will offer the best return on investment.


The right analytics tools will improve your company’s ability to see the impact of marketing campaigns on your website, mobile applications, and social media platforms. Analytics vary widely, so evaluate which metrics your company wants to measure before looking into individual tools. Among the analytics tools you may want to look into:

  • Google Analytics – This multipurpose tool offers useful metrics for companies of all sizes interested in website, mobile, search engine optimization, and social media impact.
  • Kissmetrics – E-commerce sites use Kissmetrics to create reports for online behaviors associated with prospects and customers.
  • ly – Need to know how impactful certain writers or topics are in the industry? This tool uses predictive analytics to help companies gauge their need for content in certain areas.
  • Other tools – If these do not offer your brand the right functionalities, check into Woopra, ly, and Piwik.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation includes a set of tools that can do everything from organize your content assets to create targeted messages. These tools may facilitate content development tasks from ideation to publication and may include added extras, such as limited analytics or content curation:

  • HubSpot – This well-known company offers a platform designed to help marketers create a network of online content, from emails to promotional landing pages.
  • Pardot – Ideal for sales, this tool focuses on creating targeted messaging for prospects in certain areas of the sales funnel.
  • Outbrain – If visibility is an issue, tools such as Outbrain can increase audience visibility by posting your content on high-traffic sites.

Content Development

From video to blog writing, content development is the foundation for content marketing. Once you have the analytics to focus your content and automation process for improving visibility, these are the tools that will help you create great content:

  • am – Develop unique infographics and interactive media to share on social media and your website with this template-style tool.
  • Qzzr – Most audiences enjoy taking quizzes online. Make your own custom quiz to generate brand interest. Monitor the results to qualify leads later.
  • SnapApp – In an increasingly mobilized world, you must develop content that looks great on all devices. SnapApp helps companies create content for multiple platforms and devices.
  • Powtoon – Explain a complex concept with a simple animated video with this platform that allows anyone to create marketing cartoons easily.


Need a great idea to run with? Make sure your content is hitting the mark with these tools for finding great ideas:

  • Feedly – Create feeds around relevant audience/company topics to see what other writers are saying online. Several apps for content feeds also exist, including Apple News and Flipboard.
  • Trendspottr – Need to see what people are saying online? This tool offers information about trends, topics, and influencers. Use the details to craft incredibly relevant pieces of content your audience will love.
  • ClearVoice – From content curation to workflow management, ClearVoice is an all-in-one tool for finding ideas and then managing a campaign.

Dos and Don’ts of Finding Content Marketing Tools

The number of tools available for content marketing today can easily overwhelm a company. There are tools for every part of the marketing process; some also offer mobile functionality. These tips can help you find the right tool for you:

  • DO start out with a needs assessment – Outline your existing marketing activities and your goals for the next year. Prioritize those activities and assign each an estimated amount of time. Focus on tools that facilitate your top priorities and can save your team valuable time.
  • DON’T assume that free is good or bad – The reality is that some free tools are great and some are not. Find out what other people in your industry use, and make strategic investments in tools that will save you time and make you money.
  • DO try out a new platform – When you have time, explore new content marketing tools. New tools arrive in the marketplace every year; you can optimize your toolset with an innovative product.
  • DON’T invest in too many products at one time – User adoption is where many content marketing tools go wrong. Make sure your team is ready to learn and use a marketing tool before you invest in one.