Cover Most Search Marketing News with Two RSS Feeds

If SEM is your profession, you’ll likely have 30-50 SEO blogs in your feed reader. But if you’re looking for a search marketing professional or attempting to do some of the work on your own, you can cover most of what’s new with two RSS feeds.

Does that mean you won’t have a lot of reading to do? Hardly. These two are excellent resources because they are so comprehensive.
SearchEngineLand – This website was started by Danny Sullivan, the biggest name in search engine optimization worldwide. Though the site is not very old, it has covered nearly every topic possible on a daily basis. A word of caution, keeping up with Search Engine Land is like drinking from a fire hydrant. So many topics are covered on a daily basis that they issue daily recaps to summarize everything covered that day.

One of the benefits of subscribing to Search Engine Land is that they’ve split up their RSS feeds so that you can decide what topics you want covered.
Sphinn – Sphinn is the social media/news site for search marketing professionals (or at least the bloggers). Subscribe to this site and you’ll keep up with what the professionals are voting on as relevant and well written. Expect some of this to be gamed (self-promotion). However, that only means that some people’s articles get sphunn (voted for) because of popularity or because they vote for themselves.

Sphinn is supposed to be the Digg of search marketing. Time will tell if this turns out to be true. Obviously, you won’t find as many people interested in Sphinn as Digg, because of the topic limitations.

With Sphinn, you can subscribe to the hot news feed, the new news feed, or the comments feed.

Between these two sites, you’ll find more news and search marketing coverage than you probably want. Some people prefer blogs to cover fewer items per day in order to keep track of what’s happening. The benefit of these two is that you won’t suffer any major gaps in coverage.