Dallas Digital Summit Day 1 Recap

Opening Keynote

Alexis Ohanian Co-founder Reddit

-You have to earn every single user.
-The internet is a level playing field.
-Have an idea and start doing it.
-Instead of opening a factory you only have to open a laptop.
-Unprecedented growth only happens in an interconnected web.
-Make something people want.
-Amazing, Reddit has spent $500 on advertising in the last 7 years.This was on stickers!
-Good design is winning. Your UX tells me how much you respect me, or how much you disrespect me.
-What you have can be valuable. Take your awesomeness to scale.
-Give lots of damns!

User Design and Experience

Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Move Fast

Jeremy Johnson -Travelocity

-You need to sell UX up the ladder.
-MBWA-Management By walking Around – Meet with Designer and product teams.
-Create a valuable, usable enjoyable experience for your audience.
-Built/Test/Learn is the mantra.
-Problem: I can’t get started.

The more often you can place stuff in front of people the more often you can test the experience.
Do an idea or discovery backlog. Then prototype, be fast, rough and keep moving.

Haroon Mokhtarzata – Vistaprint

How to Effectively Use Usability Study Results to Positively Impact your Product

-You don’t need to spend 20k on usability testing anymore. There are a bunch of tools out there such as Openhallway, etc.
After spending 20K on a usability study, 90% of results were already gleaned from using cheap tools.
-Run usability on competitors to see how an audience percieves their sites.
-Run a cheap usability test but specify that you only want certain browser users to review the site.
-Test before you build. You don’t have to build a product to test it. Try running your process backwards.

J. Schuh – Toons-N-Design

Best Practices with Video in UX

-Younger generations are the first to adopt new technologies.
Boomer’s adoption of new technology drives growth. They decide which technologies move forward.
Targeted ads to 6-14 age group had the highest video ad CTR but the lowest video completion rate.
-You have to tell a story.
Every video needs an introduction, body and closing.
Engage, educate and entertain
-Keep it Real
Answer a question or evoke an emotional response.
-Know what not to share
Depressing topics, toxic topics or too much branding.
Keep it short, best full video watches time in at around a minute.
Video is a complement to but not a substitute for Content.
-Size Matters

Codecs, compress videos. use HTML video codecs such as MP4, h.264, Ogg/Theora, WebM. Ease of coding, video quality, video quality.

The Mobile Marketing Winning Game Plans

 David Perry -Google’s mobile team

B2B Brands Should be Aggressive about their Mobile Strategy

-18% of b2b searches are from mobile but 70% of B2B advertisers do not have a mobile ready site.
-The mobile web is growing 8x as fast as the desktop space
-1 in 5 searches are from mobile
-57% of consumers will not recommend a site with a poor mobile experience
-5 things to think about:

How does mobile change your value proposition? It’s about how you serve the mobile customer — a highly engaged audience. Define your value proposition by finding out how the customer wants to engage with you in mobile.

How does mobile impact our digital destinations? Perry gave an example of how 1800Flowers is successful with a formula of launching their mobile site, iterating and relaunching once data is collected about how users engage with the site. with branded mobile apps, your goal is to offer entertainment, utility or both. Focus on the marketing, not the technology. Use the platform of your users.

How will you promote your app? Find a mobile champion within your organization that can bring mobile issues and stats to key conversations. Make mobile a key metric in your organization.

How should our marketing adapt to mobile? Understand mobile’s effect on branding. Consider multi-screen ads, use mobile ad extensions

How can we connect with our tablet audience? Tablets are even better for branding. Your audience is more likely to use this device after work, weekends and while watching TV

Perry provided this link for more info: www.themobileplaybook.com

Brian Wiechowski -Truste

Privacy in Mobile

-A heads up that more laws are in the works and bodies like the FTC at looking at mobile operators and app developers
-Every mobile site and app needs a privacy policy — only 30% of them do
-The latest in mobile privacy research is available at http://www.truste.com/resources. Some interesting stats from the study:
40% if consumers do not give out personal data to apps or mobile device and do not access accounts via mobile even though they do on a desktop.
Privacy concerns are on the rise. Sixty percent of users are more concerned about privacy than last year.
Wiechowski said brands should focus on these best practices:

  1. Using data responsibly
  2. Making right disclosures – be transparent and have a privacy policy
  3. Managing partners and affiliates who have access to the data chain

-Wiechowski said “trusting consumers are engaged consumers.” He pointed out that the average privacy policy average 2,464 words. It’s important to keep things easy to understand. Brands should also proactively notify customers about privacy issues, be transparent and offer opt-outs.
Growth of Mobile

Adam Landrum  -Merge

-Mobile users are projected to grow from 1 billion in 2012 to 2 billion in 2015.
-Mobile advertising spend is now $5.7 billion and is projected to grow to a $20 billion industry
-Landrum pointed out that right now mobile marketing is ripe with opportunity with
1/5th less CPCs than search
5 times the click through rate
53% of consumers have made a purchase from a smartphone
43% would give up beer vs losing their smartphone
Landrum  shared these tips for creating a winning mobile marketing plan:
Know thy objective (a business goal)
Select your tactics
Pick ad network/provider
Select ad types

Optimize experience

-To create an experience, mobile campaigns should have:
A landing page
A clear call to action
Good load time
Be relevant to messaging of ad
Solid user experience
Good user interface

Landrum suggested that it’s time for marketers to up their mobile game and create mobile experiences which are worthy of a Super Bowl campaign.

That’s all folks, see you tomorrow!

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