Dallas Digital Summit Day 2 Recap

It was another busy day at Dallas Digital Summit. Between speaking and running our company booth we were able to get out to a couple sessions to soak up some of the great knowledge being delivered! Hear are some highlights!

Email Marketing

Email Deliverability-The What, the Why, the How

Ryan Moss -YesMail

-Gmail Blocks email marketing blasts.
-Ensure you are generating inbox measurement reporting before you begin campaigns
-Blacklisting: Spamhaus, a blacklisting enforcer, creates “spamtrap” email addresses as learning beacons to find people to blacklist. This can cause a loss of 70% of your blast audience.
-Understand your audience and complete segmentation based on engagement.

What’s New What’s Next

Ryan Phelan -BlueHornet

-Evolution, it used to be one message to everyone, then segmentation, then custom messaging to individual people. Now, we
we market for mobile.
-Mobile, make sure that your CTA’s match the intent of what your mobile experience as well as it’s commerce options.
-The finger is the new mouse, remember this. If you have to pinch the email on a mobile device, you are doing it wrong.
-Email has to be done in responsive design.
-We have to be smarter about how we do email on cell phones but the message we send to those types of visitors.
-Acquisition through email: Use short codes to capture email
-Location based text messaging, don’t be creepy just because you are using “Big Data”.
-Ensure message is effective, test responsive design.

Empowering Relevance through Automation

David Suliburk -ExactTarget

-Messages have to be relevant across channels.
-Data is King. irrelevant and outdated communication is as bad as static communication.
-Expand customer loyalty.

Search: Social, Local and Mobile

The Merging Worlds of Social & Organic Search

Simon Heseltine -AOL

-Many say SEO is dead , it is not!
But, you must engage with users in Social channels.
-AOL owns Huffington Post…insight into the company. All new hires endure social media training to get them up to speed on what exactly they need to be doing. They are not just promoting Twitter through one profile, they have 100 twitter profiles through multiple verticals to maximize reach.
-Provide content that is engaging and provide virality.

Local Search: 1,000,000 Years vs. Marketing

Jonathon Kaufman -Advice Interactive Group

-Darth Vader Paradox: You can’t start anywhere but the beginning and expect to understand what is happening and why it is happening.
-Key to success, you have to tailor local organic strategy around what is happening with what is happening with global organic strategy.
-You have to understand what people are doing at a local level.

-Tools to use:
Local search Tool
Local Site Submit

These tools aid in local citation submission and evaluate/report on how you are doing locally.
-Have different reviews on site than what you have on local review sites. You do not want to duplicate.
-It’s ok to think traditionally when planning your digital strategy.

Mobile SEO: Beyond Mobile Friendly

Mike Marshall -ASPE-ROI

-Google’s Algorithm is based on factors + weighting.
But, Google is aligning those ranking elements with users interests.
-Be natural, Google looks for patterns. In your success, have a bell curve, not a spike, a spike looks unnatural.
Mobile- Use responsive design, use clickable phone numbers, use mobile designed landing pages for mobile campaigns.

Next Level Strategies for Social Media

Establishing your brand and maximizing ROI on Pinterest

Daniel Maloney @pinleague
-Pinterest is not a conversational platform. 175 re-pins for every one comment. Comments are rare and valuable.   Unlike tweets or Facebook posts, pins last longer. The top trafficked pin for PinLeague has been alive for 3 1/2 months
-Pinterest is less about quantity, more about quality and focused around life events, home projects, shopping, gifting, education, self-identity.
-Pinterest represents visual inspiration, aspirations of users. It is an online digital catalog and social capture.
-Brand Recipe

Know your targets and create:

  1. 5 things they have a hard time finding
  2. 5 things they love
  3. Only 2 boards about you

-Build audience first before worrying about selling to them. Pinterest has higher average order value and referral shares than Twitter or Facebook.

Social in Crisis Communications

Dallas Lawrence of Burson-Marsteller @dallaslawrence

-Monitor your protagonists
-Respond in appropriate media. If criticism was on YouTube, don’t respond with a press release
-1/3 journalists use twitter for sources. Responding less to pitches
-Don’t use logos in a crisis. Use people, not logos on profiles to respond in a crisis
-Admit your mistakes in communication, be transparent
-Most social listening is done by brand team, not product development
-3/4 tweets are product rating related. If you catch problem early in social, you can save big
-Do your homework
-Employees are allies, don’t forget to reach out to them and use them in crisis communications
-Arm them ahead of time

Optimizing Social Media ROI and Measurement

Matt Peters from pandemic labs (@fracked) 

-Quote: “At this point running your Facebook page based solely on Facebook insights is like running your car by looking at nothing other than the speedometer. It’s inefficient and imprecise.”
-Metrics to watch
1. Average Interactions Per Post (AIP) helps you compare against yourself … but not much against competitors
2. Engagement Rate (ER) — interactions/fan count — allows you to measure yourself against other pages
3. Post Position (PP) how many posts per day? Which post of the day does better? Says almost nobody is paying attention to this
-Reach will go up if you have good stuff
-Highly engaging pages get lower CPCs on Facebook ads
-Engagement is the one needle that push all the other needles.

From Mystery to Measured – Your Recipe for ROI in Social Media

Eric Swayne (@ESwayne) of GolinHarris

-ROI – tells you your winners and losers
-You need three things for an ROI triangle: goals, actions, attributions

  1. Goals – more than a target – actionable (must be something social can do), specific (numbers), timed (timeframe)
  2. Actions Express Intent – actions are new behaviors … not what users are already doing

-Measure before they are taken. Tools, tracking has to be in place first

  1. Attributions — connect goals to actions … connects what you did to what it is worth

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