Delicious – A Delectable Strategy

Delicious Icon X  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many social media sites are designed to share content with their community.  Delicious, however, is not so much about sharing content as it is about saving content for later consumption.  Understanding this basic function of Delicious, you can then maximize its utility for SEO.

So how do we do it?  A good place to start is to browse Delicious content related to your niche.  Interested in promoting handmade furniture?  Type in the relevant keywords in Delicious and see what content is there.  In this way you can find out what kinds of content the Delicious community deem important enough to save to be reread or reused later on.

Browsing for related content is simple.  You can type in your keyword terms into the Delicious search bar to get started, and then later, if you find a Delicious user who saves popular content you can Follower that user to discover content.


By learning what content gets bookmarked, you learn what people find important or interesting and can focus your own content along similar lines.  You can also see who is saving content in your niche.  These people are a potential audience for your own content.  Delicious also offers related tags, so you can study those to see how topics are interrelated.

Now that you have researched popular content in your niche area, you are ready to create your own.  As always, creating engaging content is the key to getting noticed and bookmarked by the community.  And the more people that save your content, the higher it will rank when searched in Delicious.

Once you create your own content, bookmark it in Delicious.  This can be done with an easy to use and easy to install Delicious toolbar button.  You can also bookmark your content directly in Delicious.  Be sure to tag your bookmark with relevant and descriptive keywords.


Tags can be bundled in Delicious.  A bundle is a group of related tags.  By bundling your tags together under one heading, you make your bookmarks easier to find – for yourself and for others.  A word of caution: don’t spam tags with garbage content.  There is some concern that tag spamming can get your account banned.

For some quick and dirty analysis, you can use a Delicious Link Checker tool to find out how many links your website has.  You can use the tool to find out how many links a competitor has.  Start using Delicious to guide your efforts and watch your content rise in popularity.


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