Digital Marketing Conferences 2019 – New Year, New Conferences

Digital Marketing Conferences 2019 – New Year, New Conferences Vizion Interactive

With the arrival of a new year, there are many exciting conferences approaching. With them comes a new opportunity to learn, share, and grow in the world of digital marketing. Attending conferences is worthwhile, but can be expensive. Deciding in advance which conferences you most want to attend in the upcoming year can save you money with early ticket specials. Be the first to know with this list of some of the best digital marketing conferences coming in 2019, including:

Digital Summit Phoenix

  • Where: Phoenix, AZ
  • When: February 11th – 12th, 2019
  • Ticket price: Ranges from $254 standard to $945 for VIP. Discounts for groups.
  • Who’s it for: Digital marketers, branding specialists, CEOs, executives
  • What’s it include: Digital Summit is a great place for networking in the Phoenix and Scottsdale tech scene, or for attendees who are traveling. The summit includes more than 50 presentations from authorities in digital marketing at a much more affordable price than some comparable conferences. Notable speakers and presenters include staffers from The Onion, Airbnb, Microsoft, and Southwest. This conference has a focus on fun, hosting open bars, mixers, and meet and greets throughout the two-day event. A digital download of speeches and workshops is included with your ticket – a unique feature of the event. The workshops and speaking events have a focus on bringing together great minds from different walks of digital marketing.

Converge 2019

  • Where: Atlanta, GA
  • When: February 19th – 22nd, 2019
  • Ticket prices: Range from $500 for workshops, to $985 for the whole conference.
  • Who’s it for: Higher education professionals and digital marketers
  • What’s it like: This three-day conference specializes in digital marketing in the higher education sphere, uniting CMOs, recruiters, and college and university executives with great minds in digital marketing. Though it’s a niche conference that doesn’t apply to everyone, the speakers and workshops are noteworthy, and have info to share that transcends the .edu world.

Advanced Search Summit

  • Where: Napa, CA
  • When: April 4th – 5th, 2019
  • Ticket prices: Early VIP tickets start at $799.99 and standard early tickets start at $599.99.
  • Who’s it for: SEO professionals, digital marketers, social media marketers
  • What’s it like: The Advanced Search Summit Napa experience is a time to learn about different areas of media marketing, while taking in a getaway to the beautiful Napa Valley. There is even an optional “Wine Experience” as part of the conference. A unique feature of the conference includes a “Social Pass” for bringing along a plus-one for parts of the conference. You can turn a great learning and networking experience into a mini-vacation with your loved one in wine country! Speakers are a highlight of the event, having past keynotes from companies like Bing, Disney, and Google.


  • Where: Minneapolis, MN
  • When: April 23rd – 26th, 2019
  • Ticket prices: Early ticket prices range from $500 – $1,000, saving up to $500 on average. Full price for standard tickets to all days of the conference is $2,095.
  • Who’s it for: Content marketers and UX developers and designers
  • What’s it like: The conference has a strong focus on content strategy, but is unique in that it also focuses on UX marketing. A few of the topics covered include performance analytics, staffing, calendars, and editorials. Speakers are scheduled from companies like Allstate and Expedia.

Brand Marketers Insider Summit

  • Where: Austin, TX
  • When: March 4th -7th, 2019
  • Tickets prices: $2,895 and up. Early ticket specials end in February.
  • Who’s it for: Brand marketers, SEOs, content marketers, marketing analysts
  • What’s it like: Sponsored by MediaPost, the Brand Marketers Insider Summit features impressive keynote speakers, educational case-studies, and deep dives into digital marketing. Topics of note include global economy, cross-channel marketing strategy, and creative media in marketing. An interesting feature of this event is that the theme of the conference changes every day, which keeps things interesting and offers something for everyone.

DigiMarCon East

  • Where: New York, NY
  • When: May 9th – 10th, 2019
  • Ticket prices: Early tickets range from $597 – $997 and are expected to go up by $200 – $300. Online video presentation Virtual Pass tickets are $197.
  • Who’s it for: Digital strategists, content marketers, video marketers
  • What’s it like: DigiMarCon is one of the most exciting conferences to attend, as it’s held at the Marriot Marquis in the center of Times Square in Manhattan. Additionally, the reception is held off-site at a music venue in the city. This is the perfect conference to turn into a mini-vacation. The presentations run the whole spectrum of digital marketing, including video marketing, strategy, geo-targeting, SEO, and more. Huge brands will be in attendance, including Disney, Starbucks, Facebook, and eBay. Speakers include staffers from Wyndham Worldwide, Outgrow, and Video Pop. This is a don’t-miss for first glimpses at progressive ideas in digital marketing.

Inbound 2019

  • Where: Boston, MA
  • When: September 3rd – 6th, 2019
  • Ticket prices: Early bird ticket sales end in mid-January, saving you as much as $800. Packages range from $299 – $1,399. Prices will go up.
  • Who’s it for: CEOs, digital marketers, content marketers, social media marketers
  • What’s it like: Like a few other conferences on the list, Inbound has a huge emphasis on fun, but also on getting down to business. This conference offers a comedy show, as well as musical entertainment. Past entertainers have included Trevor Noah and Tiffany Haddish, while Michelle Obama has also been a past speaker. This provides once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to hear and see some of the greatest minds in media and pop culture. When it comes to marketing presentations, the emphasis is on immersion, brand building, and building bridges in the global market. More than 2,500 attendees from over 100 countries are anticipated, making it one of the most globally-focused digital conferences ever.

The new year is just around the corner, and with it comes a new season of opportunity for expanding your mind with digital marketing conferences around the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to save money by making plans early and taking advantage of low ticket prices. Which conferences are you most excited to attend in 2019? We hope to see you there!