Get Passionate: 3 Great Ways to Monetize on Facebook

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Facebook’s platform changes quite often.  The constant changes can make us forget what we already knew or just feel like giving up.  Facebook can be frustrating.  So let’s go over some quick points you may have forgotten or just never knew that can help you with overall marketing efforts.

Cover Image Description

Let’s start with Facebook’s cover image.  Have you added a description with a call-to-action and a link?  A lot of brands don’t know to do this.  The image header itself cannot be made to have a hyperlink but you can click it.  The click takes you to the URL for the image where you can add a description.  This description can include a link and a call-to-action, so utilize it.  Even better, if you have a campaign running or an upcoming event, create a header image (851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall) unique to your campaign that includes a call-to-action, such as “Click Here to Join.”  Facebook lifted the ban on calls-to-action in the header so feel free to include them now.

When people click “here” they’ll actually be clicking the image, not a call-to-action button, but it will still take them to the image URL where your description will be seen.  Be sure the description includes a link to your event page, sign up or offering.  When no promotion is going on, use your regular brand image and description of your overall offerings with a link to your Website.  This way you are using your cover image to drive traffic to your promotion and/or your money site.  Another tip:  Tag yourself in the description, tag friends you know won’t mind so when the update of the description streams into the newsfeed, it’s more than one newsfeed it’s going into and getting more eyes on it.

Email Signup Landing Page

Another thing brands don’t think to do is to use Facebook to get more signups for their newsletters.  This can be a monetary gain if done properly.   Simply adding a great post that includes the link to the landing page for your email signup in the post itself can score a lot more signups for your distribution list.  Be creative with the content, give an incentive for signing up (even if it’s free tips targeted to your audience) and include a simple “Click here for ___” call-to-action and you’re good to go.

Another tidbit:  If using Chrome, you can use Facebook’s Power Editor to target your Facebook ads.  You can even import your email distribution list and if they are on Facebook (who isn’t) Facebook can give you some insights into them as well by matching your email addresses to email addresses in users’ profiles.  Facebook will then suggest others similar to your email list, a look-a-like list) for you to target as well.

Passion Pages

Over time, Facebook has put many stumbling blocks in place that make it hard for brands to grow their communities and to share their offerings.  The days of landing visitors straight onto a promotional page are over.  However you can still use gated pages through the tabs under your header.  Be aware of that and utilize that area to boost promotions and grow your community.

But if you are still having trouble getting the traction on your brand page that you need, consider launching a passion page.  Passion pages are not personal profiles or brand pages.  They are simply pages about something the page owner is passionate about that usually attract large audiences.
Here’s a great example: The Girlfriend Life.  Jo Ann Darby, a published author an past motivational speaker, hosts the page.  She expresses her passion about empowering women, shares motivational quotes, “girlfriend giggles,” recipes, weight loss tips, home health remedies, comical memes, cleaning tips, green tips and more.  Her content is all about topics various women at various life stages, ages and backgrounds have in common and are passionate about.  This allows her to cast her net across a very wide but still targeted audience.

So what does she get out of it?  She includes her affiliate links from time-to-time to Zappos and other major retailers.  When you click her link and buy, you put money in her affiliate account and she cashes out later.  It’s brilliant.  It’s a win-win.  Women love this page (notice the current 155K community) and she makes money by sliding in her affiliate links on occasion.  To the eye, her primary job for the page is to empower women, which she does very well, so when she slips in an affiliate link it is well received.  We as marketers know her primary purpose for the page is to monetize on her affiliate links.  It just doesn’t appear that way to her community.  She’s one smart cookie and we can learn a lot from her and her passion page.

Just remember to optimize your page to include links and valuable content where you can.  Add links and calls-to-action in your posts where appropriate (without going overboard and being spammy).  If need be and if it can be done successfully, meaning if there is a wide enough yet still targeted audience, set up a passion page.  It just may do much better than your brand page.  Let us know if we can help:  Facebook Marketing from Vizion Interactive

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