Google Map Local Search Ads – What’s Changing

Google Map Local Search Ads What’s Changing Google Map Local Search Ads – What’s Changing Vizion Interactive

A key part of advertising involves identifying where you have ads displayed. Ideal locations are those with high visibility that appeal to users within your target audience, ensuring your resources are used with maximum efficiency. As the most popular search engine on the Internet, Google has a number of prime locations for advertisements, including Google Maps search ads. Google Maps is a very frequently used tool, making it the ideal place for your ads, but Google offers a number of additional features that make them a great resource for businesses to promote their brand.


What Are Google Map Local Search Ads?


While Google Maps can certainly be used to pinpoint specific addresses, many people use it for more general searches to discover local businesses in the area. When conducting a search, Google displays a number of sponsored results in addition to the other businesses on the list. Those sponsored results work the same way as sponsored results on Google’s search page. These are limited to a small selection and are shown at the very top of the page above all other results, guaranteeing increased awareness of your business. Making your ad more accessible to users by investing in sponsored results on Google Map searches is a great way to increase the number of users that convert to clients.


What’s New With Google Map Local Search Ads?


Google is always at the forefront of innovation, consistently rolling out updates and improved features to its online services. Google Map local search ads are no exception. Sponsored results are an effective way to market your business, but Google now offers new ways to promote your brand on Google Maps.


One of the new features Google has unveiled is titled promoted pins. Promoted pins appear when a user is simply browsing the map. Instead of restricting ads to the side of the page, they are integrated into the map itself, making them appear more natural and eye catching. Unlike sponsored results, these don’t have to be tied to a particular keyword. While sponsored results will appear as promoted pins on the map, promoted pins are also visible when a customer is simply browsing through the map. This makes them less targeted in terms of interest than sponsored search results, meaning that several of the users that encounter the pin won’t necessarily be looking for your type of business. By appearing to a wider audience, it may drive business from people you otherwise could not have reached.


Another update is the ability to offer personalized, in-store promotions to potential clients in an easily accessible format. These promotions are located on the actual business page and serve to advertise any current deals available, such as discounts or bulk offers. This can help draw in users who are already aware of your business but have yet to make a purchase. The business pages themselves have been redesigned to display important information about your business in a more user-friendly fashion, including contact information and hours of operation.

Depending on what kind of business you’re running, you may be able to make your local inventory searchable as well, helping users confirm that you have what they’re looking for. Research shows that a significant percentage of people are unwilling to visit a store unless they know the product they’re looking for is currently in stock. Having your local inventory available can help reassure those customers that a visit to your establishment is worth their time.


What Makes Google Map Local Search Ads Unique?


Customers often react negatively when prompted with advertisements that distract from what they’re trying to do. Google Maps is a tool used often in daily life, and the ads are integrated in such a way that is both natural and useful to users attempting to browse through the available businesses in the area. The promoted pins help you get the attention of people nearby that may not have otherwise considered going to your location, and the updated business page increases the chances that they’ll actually become customers after finding you on the map.


Who Benefits From Using Google Map Local Search Ads?


If you’re a local business owner looking to increase name recognition and build trust with your customer base, advertising on Google Maps could be an efficient solution. Not only are you more visible to people passing through the area, generating additional leads; you’ll also appear more often to people in the community. Establishing yourself as a trustworthy business will drive customer loyalty, continuing to offer returns on your investment for years to come.

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