Google Marketing Live 2019: Recap & On Demand Viewing

Google Marketing Live 2019 Reading Time: 3 minutes

In case you missed it, Google Marketing Live 2019 took place May 14-15, 2019, and we have the highlights just for you! Plus, in case you want to watch the full Ads Innovation Keynote, we’ve included the recording below. You can also catch up on any of the On Demand sessions, that may be of interest for you and your business.

Google’s opening message was that today’s advertisers should: Be there. Be useful. Be responsible.

Senior VP of Google Ads Prabhakar Raghavan went on to say how Google provides novel solutions to old problems. Essentially, ads should be able to pass a “toothbrush test” in that they provide everyday helpfulness, just like your toothbrush. 😊

There were several new rollouts announced today including: Discovery ads, Gallery ads, App deep linking, Bumper Machine, and a new and improved Google Shopping experience.

Discovery Ads

Rolling out to all advertisers later this year!

Google says 800 million people now use Discover monthly. With Discovery ads, advertisers will have unmatched reach across the YouTube home feed, Gmail social & promotions tabs, and the Google Discover feed.

Discovery Ads Google Marketing Live 2019: Recap & On Demand Viewing Vizion Interactive

Gallery Ads

Rolling out to all advertisers later this year!

These types of ads will appear at the top of mobile search results, as beautiful swipe-able galleries, with four to eight images, up to 70 characters per image, and up to three headlines. Just tap to open an image gallery and view the text and links to the company’s site.

Sissie Hsiao, VP of Product Management, Mobile App Advertising, said that Gallery ads will tell a more holistic brand story. She also said that campaigns with gallery ads can expect performance results of 25% more interactions.

Gallery Ads Google Marketing Live 2019: Recap & On Demand Viewing Vizion Interactive

App Deep linking

Now available in search, display, and shopping ads!

Google is implementing App deep linking from Google ads, which means: Users who already have a brand’s app installed, will be taken directly to the app when they click on the brand’s ad. Advanced ad to app conversion reporting will also be available for marketers who take advantage of the Google Analytics for Firebase kit.

Google has already reported that they have seen 2x conversion rates for deep link ads.

Bumper Machine

Launching later this year!

Google is making it a breeze to come up with short 6-second bumper video ads because essentially they’ll create them for you! Just give Google a link to a YouTube video that’s under 90 seconds and Google Ads will give you three to four 6-second ads to choose from. It’s never been easier to create 6-second videos from an existing creative.

New Google Shopping experience

Google has already begun merging Google Express and Shopping in France – Coming to the U.S. in coming months.

The revamped design and new features aim to drive users away from Amazon.

The new Google Shopping experience will have a new home page personalized to the customer based on purchase history, search histories, and lists. Customers will be able to choose whether they purchase from the retailer’s website directly, from the retailer via Google, or physically in-store. Google says there will be simple returns and customer support, all backed by the Google guarantee.

In conclusion Google’s Chetna Bindra, Senior Product Manager, spoke about the need to be responsible as advertisers and “Do more with less data.” How is that even possible? With Google Audiences, machine learning will show appropriate ads based on consumers’ privacy choices. Bindra cited that the search interest for the phrase “My Activity” has increased 1000% since 2016. People care about their privacy, and advertisers should too.

For more information on any of these updates and more from Google, visit these resources: