Google Marketing Livestream 2021: Recap and On Demand Viewing

google marketing livestream 2021

In case you missed it, Google Marketing Livestream 2021 took place May 27, 2021 and (to no one’s surprise) was completely virtual this year! We have the recap just for you, plus the on-demand viewing for all of the sessions available here.

After a tumultuous pandemic year, the world of Search has changed dramatically. Google is looking back at 2020 and using those insights to build for the future.

Last year, we revamped our roadmap with simple, helpful solutions like curbside pickup for Local Inventory Ads and booking services directly in Search results through Local Services Ads,” said Jeffy Dischler, vp/general manager, Ads, Google, “In 2021 we’re continuing to fine-tune our products to help advertisers connect with consumers even as the world around us keeps changing.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Privacy is #1: Transitioning to a future without cookies. How do we do that?
    • Properly use consented first party data.
    • Be forward thinking and predictive – utilize machine learning and automated trends whenever they are available.
    • Commit to new technologies that preserve privacy – Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox is where anyone can submit proposals and run experiments focused on privacy techniques.
  • Measurement is key: Focus on privacy-safe measurement. How do we do that?
    • Sitewide Tagging – utilizing enhanced conversion measurement.
    • Customer Match – reach your customers using first-party data. Now available for nearly all advertisers.
    • Consent Mode – Implement in your Tag Manager settings today.

“On average, Consent Mode recovers 70% of conversion journeys lost due to user consent choices,” said Vidhya Srinivasan, vp/gm, Ads Buying, Analytics and Measurement, Google.

    • New Advertiser Experience – coming soon! There will be three new types of insights: demand forecasts, consumer interest themes, and audience insights. 
  • Automation drives results

Picture Google Marketing Livestream 2021: Recap and On Demand Viewing Vizion Interactive

    • Automation products are even better together. “For example, companies that switch from phrase match keywords to broad match keywords in campaigns that use Target CPA bidding see 25% more conversions,” Dischler said.
Text says: Broad match finds new, high-performing queries and emerging trends. Smart Bidding delivers the right creative for each query at the right price. Responsive search ads automatically assembles the most relevant creative

Dischler goes on to say, “Combining our automated products creates a multiplicative effect for driving growth — starting with keywords, bidding, and creative.”

Picture Google Marketing Livestream 2021: Recap and On Demand Viewing Vizion Interactive

    • Performance Max Campaigns – bringing even more automation to campaigns to drive better results. Performance Max is rolling out to thousands of additional advertisers and will be generally available by the end of the year.

    There’s more where that came from! Catch all of the Google product announcements here.

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