Google Marketing Next 2017: Keynote Highlights

Google’s keynote this year centered around the importance of the customer being at the heart of our all of our marketing efforts. It is our job as the marketer and as the brand, to deliver to our consumers: “relevant, frictionless, and useful experiences whenever, wherever they ask for them and sometimes even before they ask,” said Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice president at Google, and that is exactly what Google is helping us to achieve this year.

The Google Marketing Next 2017 keynote presented the exciting new innovations, tools and technologies that will be available to all Adwords, Analytics, and DoubleClick users by December 2017. Here are just some of the highlights:

Did you know that 87% of smartphone owners turn to search first in their moment of need? Also, 20% of searches are now done by voice. Search is our go-to path for assistance. With that being said, less than 1/3rd of brand experiences are described as “helpful” by consumers. Pretty sobering statistics, right? What can brands do?

Well, we can stay one step ahead of the consumer’s needs and put the consumer at the heart of our strategy. How, you ask? By embracing these important realities:


  1. Smarter with data – All consumer interactions must be smarter with data. Insights need to be driven by people and where they are in their consumer journey. There are so many micro moments on the path to purchase, and that’s where Google’s machine-learning can come in and help deliver relevant and helpful experiences with ads along the way.
  2. One step or one second – Did you know that for every one second delay, conversions can fall up to 20%? Speed = revenue. With AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), mobile pages are able to load faster and better. Studies indicate that AMP ads load up to five seconds faster than regular ads, and now you can sign up for the newly released beta supporting faster loading landing pages for search ads. Sign up for the beta now.
  3. Non-line assistance – We need to bridge the gap between online ads and in-store experiences. Google announced, they will soon be rolling out location extensions and store visits for YouTube TrueView campaigns, which will help measure the impact of ads to foot traffic in-store.

Did you know that 91% of smartphone owners bought or planned to purchase something after seeing an ad that they described as “relevant”?

That statistic is why it is so critical to know your customers and understand what matters to them, so you can resonate and speak to them exactly when it matters. Here are more Google innovations coming soon:

Life Event Targeting and In-Market Audiences

Later this year, Google is rolling out Consumer Patterns and Life Events targeting to YouTube and Gmail ads. Also, In-Market Audiences are coming to search ads, so that through machine learning, brands will be able to identify those consumers nearing the end of the buying cycle and target them on the search network.

Google Attribution

One of the biggest keynote takeaways is probably the answer to the question we’ve all been asking…Is my marketing working? This year, Google claims to be solving the attribution problem. No more wondering which channel had the most effect, or giving all the credit to the last click. Introducing, Google Attribution and Google Attribution 360. Now, brands will be able to measure the impact of each marketing touch point, across multiple channels and devices, and easily take action according to the data. Google Attribution will be available to ALL advertisers at no cost, and as you might guess, Google Attribution 360 is the Enterprise version.

Google Optimize and Adwords Integration

These words caught our ear: “no web developer or coding required.” Is this for real? According to Google, “With the Optimize and AdWords integration, you can quickly and easily create new versions of your landing pages and then apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns, ad groups, and keywords – no coding or webmaster required.” The integration will be available to all users of Optimize in coming months.

Google Assistant

Imagine searching for a certain product, and being able to find how many are in stock at a store near you, using only your voice. Pretty cool, right? Coming in a few weeks, retailers will be able to upload local inventory data, so that a searcher can be alerted to the number of products in stock, at a store near them, in real time.

These are just some of the highlights. In case you missed it, or if you’d like to see the keynote in its entirety, you can click to see it below. Also share your thoughts with us on Twitter with @VizionWeb and #googlemarketingnext.