Google My Business Insights For Dummies

Google My Business Insights For Dummies Vizion Interactive

Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business, is one of the most powerful ways clients and potential clients near you can access information about your business. There are very few opportunities more visible than a result that appears with every Google Maps or Google Search query, and with a Google Business profile, you can control how your business’s information is presented upon each search. Better yet, GBP comes with the immeasurable reputation and trust boosts that come with verified business information available at a touch.

For a free service, GBP is remarkably feature rich, allowing you unprecedented access to your business listing. Features provide a way to interact with your customers, add photos, and essentially manage your business’s presence on the largest search engine in the world. Among one of the most useful is My Business Insights.

What Is My Business Insights?

GBP Insights is a tool that allows you to differentiate and analyze the ways your customers interact with your business. More specifically, Insights allows you to view how customers find your business using Maps or Search, followed by the specific actions they take next. This brief guide lists the major features of Insights, as well as how you can better utilize each to gain a depth of knowledge into how to reach your customer base.

To find each of these features, you’ll first need to log in to My Business, then select the Insights tab from the left menu. There, you’ll find three sets of performance data, labeled Views, Searches, and Activity.


The Searches panel gives you information about how users find your business. Here, Google divides searches for your business into two distinct types:

  • Direct searches occur when a user navigates to either Google Maps or Search and types your business name directly into the search bar. Such searches are the result of people that already have at least some prior knowledge of your business and are likely looking for more information, such as reviews, location, or general listing info, or trying to navigate to you directly.
  • Discovery Searches stem from people who may or may not have encountered your business before. These people enter queries like “restaurant near me” or “restaurant in Town Name” and find your business listing in the results the query produces. Discovery searches are much less specific but indicate users interested in products or services within your niche.

The Searches panel offers you a direct comparison between the two types of searches that lead customers to your business listing, in graph form. Keep in mind that a Discovery Searches figure that is much lower than your Direct Searches number can indicate that you’re not reaching local users with your SEO efforts.

Queries Used to Find Your Business

Insight into how users find your business continues with the Queries Used to Find Your Business feature. This section lists the top queries users entered that ultimately led to a connection with your business. The queries found here can help reveal whether you’re optimizing for the right keywords on all aspects of your online presence.

Customer Actions

After a user has accessed your Google Business profile through a search, it’s essential to know which actions they perform next:

  • Direction requests. These requests indicate that guests wish to navigate to your business location, and Google provides a great feature designed to provide even more insight. Click on Direction requests, and a heatmap appears, showing you where users are typically located when they ask for directions to your business.
  • Phone calls. Many users who access your business listing simply wish to contact you, indicated by the number of users who call your business directly from your My Business listing. Google breaks this down by time and day, allowing you to adjust your marketing to focus on a specific time block.
  • Google provides information as to how many users chose to look at the photos associated with your business, as well as the number of photos provided by users.

Where Customers View Your Business on Google

This insight provides you with additional information regarding where your customers are accessing your My Business Profile. Broken down by week, month or quarter depending on your preferences, you’re able to see whether users viewed your profile via a traditional Google search or via the Maps app or desktop feature. This is particularly useful if your business would benefit from increased local foot or navigation traffic. You can also filter for mobile or desktop searches.

What’s the Takeaway?

Insights for Google Business Profile is a great tool for discovering all the ways users are accessing your business information. This knowledge can help you identify which parts of your customer base you’re reaching successfully, as well as points of attention. When combined with deeper analysis such as a full SEO audit or Google Analytics, Insights can help provide you with an easily accessible, full picture of your marketing campaign.

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