Google Update

I’d like to welcome SEO, Inc. back to the world of Google rankings and Page Rank:[Google search].

I can recall the days when these guys were #1 for “search engine optimization” for a long, long time. I won’t get into the reasons why they lost this ranking, but I do think it’s at least interesting to see that they’re back in Google’s good graces.

For all of those who say that Google’s sandbox does not exist, I would like to discuss this over a cold one with you some day. The VIZION Interactive website went live in early November 2005 and is finally showing on Google: [Google search]. As you’ve most likely read in the trades, “6 months on average to escape Google’s sandbox.

I’ve also seen that my friends at Kinetic Results have seen some movement from this latest update, as well: [Google search].

We’ve also noticed some very nice improvements for our client’s rankings, so I’d like to thank Google for this update. There have been some, in the past, that have freaked me out a little bit. This one seems to be just fine.