Holiday PPC Campaign Checklist – Are Your Campaigns Ready?

Holiday PPC Campaign Checklist – Are Your Campaigns Ready? Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you realize we are only 8 weeks away from Christmas? As the holidays are creeping up on us, Vizion wants to make sure your PPC campaigns and strategies are prepared for the busiest time of the year. Businesses have a lot to gain from early prepping and we are here to help!

Fact: more than half (52 percent) of holiday shoppers took advantage of early holiday sales and promotions in 2020 according to the National Retail Federation. And, USA Today reported, this year, due to a struggling supply chain along with labor shortages, experts are predicting many products will be low in supply and shipping times could be even longer than last year prompting shoppers to start holiday shopping much earlier this year.

Be prepared and get ahead this holiday season with our ultimate holiday PPC campaign checklist.

Keep your product feeds price and availability fresh by enabling auto feed delivery.

Auto feed delivery keeps your feed up to date and healthy by reducing the number of product errors.

Auto feed delivery is even more important this year due to supply shortages. Don’t spend money promoting items that are out of stock. Make sure your feeds are current at all times.

Prices may change multiple times throughout the holiday season due to special offer events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other promotional events.

Reap the benefits as Google rewards healthy product feeds with higher visibility of product listings.

Set your promotional calendar early by using Google Merchant Promotions.

Allow your Google Shopping as to stand out from your competitors with attention-grabbing deals during this holiday season.

Google Merchant Promotions are the “Special offer” extensions that appear under Google Shopping ads. When clicked, these offers reveal various discounts or incentives from the seller. You can schedule special offers to show during promotional times.

Shopping ads with special offers can see increases in CTR over 10% and conversion rates over 18%. (Google Case Study). Take advantage of these opportunities to increase visibility and sales while shopping is hot!

Merchant Promo Holiday PPC Campaign Checklist – Are Your Campaigns Ready? Vizion Interactive







Plan your holiday PPC campaign budgets.

If you haven’t already do it NOW!

Even with this year being different and a bit unpredictable the best place to start is to review historical campaign holiday budgets. We recommend looking back at your holiday spend and performance from 2018-2020. Review the following:

  • Spend – How has spend increased over the years? What is the average spend during holiday months?
  • Impression Share – How visible were your products and search ads with your set budget? Review if you missed out on impressions and adjust for 2021.
  • ROAS – How profitable was your business with your budget? Find the “sweet” spot for volume and sales based on actual results. What areas or product lines are your most profitable? Think about increasing budget to those areas to increase your overall ROAS.

Brands tend to increase their budgets from 10%-20% during holiday seasons but make sure you are spending smart. Be prepared for the higher volume and take advantage of the demand for this time of year.

Be competitive. Don’t lose out on holiday exposure.

Most likely your competitors are working hard to be visible this holiday season too.

The advertising space gets as frenzied as the shoppers during this time. Make sure you are ready to show up. This is done by getting aggressive with your bids and strategy. Keep an eye on your impression share and turn up the heat when necessary.

While it is important to be visible, it is equally important to be profitable. Know what success looks like. Set goals and limits to walk away with your most profitable holiday season yet!

Don’t restrict your top selling products.

This time of year, we often see campaigns become limited due to the available budget to spend. This is where we as marketers have to make some smart decisions.

In order to not have your top selling products run out of budget early, consider breaking them into their own campaign to maximize their reach. This allows for more control over budgets with a clear and easy way to adjust spend for the best return possible.

Holiday times can be the most exciting and valuable time of the year for your business… and the most hectic. Don’t wait until the last minute to implement your strategy. Plan ahead and make sure to implement these tips to ensure great performance of your PPC campaigns.

Looking for more holiday marketing tips? Check out our key takeaways from Google’s Think Retail on Air 2021 here.

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