How Link Building Will Look Different in 2021

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Search engine optimization is a top priority for marketing teams attempting to optimize conversion rates and grow the customer base. This is especially crucial as we look towards the year 2021, considering the growth in internet traffic over the past several months. However, strategies to do so generally focus more on keyword usage than any other method. Using targeted keywords as frequently as possible isn’t always the most effective solution. 

If you’re looking to boost your SEO ahead of 2021, you need to think beyond keywords. Though implementing them in your content is important, it’s not the only thing you need to do. Link building, which refers to the practice of increasing the number of places online that link back to your website, is another strategy that is often overlooked. It’s also a simple and effective way to improve your SEO and increase traffic to your site. 

How Does Link Building Work?

In the eyes of internet search engines, the more often your site is linked from other pages, the more popular and well endorsed it is, making it a more valuable result to online users. You want your website to look like an authoritative source, and link building is one way to do it. 

This matters in how searchers see your business in the results page, or SERPs – the page they get after a search. You want to be on top because that’s the place where users tend to click. Few of us scroll down to see who is fifth on the page and even fewer of us ever land on the second results page. That’s why having a good number of links to your website floating around online is so critical. While it’s certainly possible for this to occur organically via shares and support from current clients, it’s far less likely to be successful and could take a very long time. That’s where link building comes in. Link building refers to the practice of actively working to increase the number of places that reference your website online.

At a glance, it might seem like spamming your website address across the Internet could be a straightforward way to build links, but not all of these, commonly referred to as backlinks, are viewed the same way by search engine algorithms. In fact, certain links are actually not considered valuable and can even be detrimental to your SEO.

While there are ways to promote your own website and internally link build, that will only get you so far. Instead, a more efficient use of your time would be to utilize your networking skills to find legitimate organizations with high brand authority that might be willing to share your site.

How Does Google Determine the Value of a Backlink?

There are a variety of factors that Google takes into account when examining backlinks in relation to your search result rankings. These include but are not limited to content quality, website traffic, and relevance to your niche. It can be helpful to re-contextualize backlinks as a form of recommendation. In the same way that you might not trust a florist’s opinion regarding a highly technical engineer’s level of expertise, Google won’t see backlinks from sites that are wholly unrelated to yours as entirely valuable. Backlinks from sites that are considered untrustworthy or harmful are even worse, and any suspicions of spam will certainly result in a decrease to your website’s ranking.

Getting Started By Exploring Existing Partnerships and Business Relationships

One of the best ways to get started with the process of link building is to take a look at situations where you’re already being mentioned on other platforms. If your business regularly sponsors an organization or event, it’s likely that they already have a blurb about you. Emailing a request to alter a blurb to include a backlink is a simple way to leverage that relationship in your favor. Identifying any posts from business partners that could be similarly adjusted is a very effective strategy.

If you have any partners or businesses that currently don’t mention you but are open to collaboration, you can still use the relationship to your advantage. Creating content for them, such as writing a guest blog or leaving a testimonial, provides the perfect vehicle for more backlinks. Of course, these are just the low hanging fruit when it comes to link building. When you are looking to truly boost your online presence, talk with the professionals.

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