How to Follow Trends In Your Niche on Twitter

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Everyone it seems is hanging out on Twitter and sharing their links and tweeting about not only the latest news and gossip, but they’re also talking about everything from aplusk to #unfollowdiddy.

It seems as though every few minutes there’s another “trending topic” on Twitter. So, how do you keep up with it all? How do you track your brand, your niche topic, your keywords, or even your own company name on Twitter?

There are several different resources available to follow and watch the trends on Twitter. Of course, there’s Twitter Search, but for many popular keyword phrases you just cannot get enough data to make it worthwhile. Some popular phrases, especially if they’re trending topics on Twitter, get mentioned several times a minute, leaving you to think that they’re hot topics right now but what about last week? Or even yesterday? As of this writing, Twitter only shows the top 10 trending topics. A lot more data exists out there, and luckily it’s pretty easy to get ahold of. One of my favorites right now is Twist, which will show you a lot more than the top 10 trending topics, they’ll show you the hot topics of the day and even of the week, which is pretty great stuff if you’re a marketing, webstats, techno-geek like myself.

Twitter Twist Stats
If you’re really innovative, and you crave all sorts of data about your keywords and your niche, or you want to see which keyword phrase is more popular than another one. Which is a search for “seo, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing”, to see which is more mentioned more often. What I particular find interesting is the chart below, which shows that “SEO” is incredibly more popular than the other phrases. I would bet it’s because we’re probably getting used to cramming words into smaller spaces, less than 140 characters, to be exact!

So, if you’re looking for keywords that describe your industry then you might try some searches of the Twitter data that’s out there to see what people are talking about on Twitter. Then, as you tweet more about whatever you tweet about, start using those keywords in your tweets to make sure that you’re using the “latest jargon” so to speak, the latest keywords that everyone else is using to talk about your industry. I have to admit that I thought people used the phrase “SEO” in their tweets on Twitter, but I never imagined that it was so much more popular than “search engine optimization” or even “search engine marketing”.

Another Twitter keyword research tool you might try is Twitscoop, a tool that bills itself as a way to “stay on top of Twitter”. I tried to look at the data that Twitscoop provides, and it’s rather limited, going back just 3 days and only allowing you to search for one keyword phrase at a time:

So, yes, the phrase “SEO” has been used a lot, but it’s difficult to compare that data with other keyword phrases, like “search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing”. I’m interested in learning about other keyword research tools that you may have come across, and if I find any new ones worth mentioning and writing about, I’ll certainly let you know right here by writing about it.

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