How to Get the Best Links on the Internet

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In the land of (SEO), backlinks is always a buzzword. A page with a lot of backlinks typically ranks higher on search engine results pages. The why of backlinking is clear – the more people who visit your page, the higher Google ranks its popularity. It’s the how that leaves many business owners stumped. Getting high-quality sites to add your link doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Use these six tips to get your links out there the right way.

Produce High-Quality Content

The best way to get backlinks for your site is to create valuable, relevant, high-quality content. Popular articles such as how-to tutorials and lists are always good choices when it comes to creating content that will get backlinks. Other sites will reference your how-to list when mentioning the same subject or use your article as a reference. High-quality backlinks are more important to sites than ever, because of Google’s Penguin algorithm updates – the newest of which is set for release soon.

After the last update, which was in April 2012, search results deleted many sites that weren’t playing by industry rules. Now, sites are more conscious than ever about who they link to – making it crucial to keep your content top notch. Producing great content will help your site gain more interest organically and increase your chances of a top company adding your link.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great SEO and marketing tool – a fact that remains unchanged even after Google’s algorithm updates. Posting as a guest on a reputable site introduces a new audience to your company, resulting in increased site traffic and conversions. Guest posting allows you to submit a post within a certain niche, targeting your ideal clients. Search Google for “guest post” with your keyword to find suitable blogs that accept guest writers and submit your best work.


You may have heard of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) already, but are you actually using it? HARO is truly free advertising anyone can use. Simply access the database, browse or search through haro_logo_vizionongoing journalist questions, and answer any that you can. Sharing your expertise with journalists who need help gathering information about articles is an ideal way to get a reputable site to link back to you without a lot of effort.

The Moving Man Method

A newer method for getting the best links on the Internet is the Moving Man Method. In short, you find sites that have shut down, changed names, or moved. Once you find sites that link to the old, outdated page, let them know about their outdated link. Keep an eye out in your industry for businesses that change their brand names or move sites. You can do a Google search for this information or use search strings such as “Page no longer exists,” or “Service not available.” Providing this service for companies shows you’re a valuable resource, and it makes them more than happy to add your link.

Leave Valuable Comments

By default, WordPress blogs have “NoFollow” HTMLs to prevent spammers from commenting on their blog with irrelevant posts. If a post doesn’t have this attribute and allows comments, it can be helpful to do so if you do it properly. Don’t use the comment section to promote your page. Instead, use it to build credibility and authority in your niche, ultimately leading to new site traffic and eventually to backlinks.

Search for blogs in your industry that receive good traffic and user engagement – with active commenters. Try starting someplace such as Google’s PostRank to look up your topic of interest and find top blogs. Comment on a post only if you have something of value to contribute to the conversation. Try to impress the blog owner, not anger him/her with a spammy “Check out my blog” comment. Once you have a solid relationship with blog owners, they will link back to you in posts or share your content.

Give and Take
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One of the best ways to get someone else to backlink you is to do it first. Often, they will return the favor. Backlinking can be a win-win for businesses, sharing each other’s relevant content and generating new traffic all around. Don’t be stingy with your own backlinking, but don’t feel pressured to link to a disreputable or irrelevant source just because they linked to you. Backlinking requires some give and take, and you can benefit from being the first to initiate a “relationship” with a high-quality blog.

Getting the best backlinks on the Internet can be simple with a bit of time, effort, and research. Mix and match methods to see which gives you the best returns or do them all for maximum impact. Always keep your content relevant, succinct, and high quality – that way, when your dream site finally gives you the coveted backlink, your content will rise to the occasion.

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