How To Know If You Need A Dedicated Server

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Ask yourself these questions and the answers just might save you thousands per month on Server costs!

What type of hosting is available?

Usually, web hosts offer these types of hosting packages:

  • Shared Hosting – You are hosted on a server with other websites, like people on a bus (depending on your host, you shouldn’t be too cramped!).
  • Reseller Hosting – You are hosted on a server with other websites, but you have the ability to resell your space or more easily manage your websites separately.
  • Dedicated Server – You have an entire server exclusively reserved for yourself, and you have the ability to resell your space or more easily manage your websites separately.

How many visitors do I have?

If you have over 20 visitors per minute you may want to start looking for a Dedicated Server. The amount of load you are putting on your Shared Hosting account may be hurting other websites on that server. Some hosts have restrictions on the amount of load your website can put on a server before they shut you off. Don’t risk that unnecessary downtime and be proactive.

How many websites do I have?

If you have over 20 websites, many times it may be cheaper and easier to manage using a Dedicated Server or Reseller package.

How much space do I need?

Not many web hosts willingly keep Shared Hosting accounts that use their hosting for “Backup” purposes. If you need over 30-40gb of space, you simply need to consider a Dedicated Server. Otherwise, if you need that much space, more than often your site already has a high-volume of visitors which would also mean you still need to consider a Dedicated Server.

How many IP Addresses do I need?

In most cases, you will want a separate IP address for each of your websites. Most of the time, Dedicated Servers come with 5 or more Dedicated IP Addresses for you to use. Consider this when weighing your upgrade options on potential Shared Hosting plans.

Everyone who is Anyone has a Dedicated Server, shouldn’t I?

Only if you have determined that you actually need a Dedicated Server should you get one. Otherwise, just go with Shared Hosting and you’ll most likely be covered. There is no “street cred” for having your own server.

Now where can I get what I need?

This is a question that I’ve personally been trying to answer for the past 8 years. I’ve been through over 12 hosts and none of them have kept my business.. until HostGator. They have Green Hosting which means, they do more than their part in helping minimize their environmental impact as a company. They constantly have specials offering you 20% off your initial order. That means if you sign up for a year or up to 3, you could save huge amounts of money in addition to their multiple-month discounts! They have 24/7 support that rarely needs to be used since their service is top-notch.
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