How to Set Up a Twitter Account

twitter-logoYou’ve probably heard people talking about Twitter. It’s all over the news, on the radio, and even on some television commercials: “follow us on Twitter”, they say. Twitter is a popular social media web site that allows you to post “tweets” to those who follow you. It is a popular microblogging platform, and it even integrates with many mobile phones now, like the iPhone.

So, how do you set up a Twitter account? Here are the steps required in order to set up a Twitter account.

  1. In order to set up the Twitter account, you will need to go to create-twitter-account-1
  2. On the signup page, enter your name and your preferred username.
  3. Enter the desired password, email address for the account, and the captcha code.
  4. Click on “create my account”.
  5. You will need to confirm the email address (they will send you a confirmation email).
  6. Once you have confirmed the email address, you can begin customizing the account.create-twitter-account-2
  7. Go to the to start customizing the account.
  8. At a minimum, Vizion Interactive suggests that you link back to your website on the “More Info URL:” section and add an “online bio” which should be a quick phrase that describes yourself; you could also enter your company’s “catch phrase” or slogan.create-twitter-account-3
  9. On the “Notices” tab, you may want to uncheck all of the checkboxes: this way you will not get any extra emails when people follow you or send you a direct message. This is totally up to you, although we do recommend unchecking all of the checkboxes on this tab.

10.  On the Picture tab you’ll need to upload an Avatar. This can be a small personal picture of you or it could be your company logo. People do like to follow real people on Twitter, to make it more “personal” in nature.
11.  On the Design page, you have a few options. You can customize your background or upload a background image. Vizion Interactive recommends customizing your Twitter background with a photo or company logo, as well as information about you or your company and some basic contact information. You may wish to include your website address here, as well (although it will not be clickable. More details on the background and customizing your background on Twitter is included below.
12.  On the Connections tab, this is where you have granted access to certain applications to access your account. Typically, you would see sites like,, Google, and other applications. Refollow and Wefollow are other popular applications that might be listed here on this tab. In this case, you have just set up your Twitter account so you probably won’t see anything listed here.
13.  You may wish to connect other social media networking services with your Twitter account. If, for example, you have a account, you may wish to connect your Twitter account with Friendfeed. You can also connect your account, as well. There are lots of others, but for now Vizion Interactive recommends that you include Facebook and Friendfeed.
14.  Once you have created and customized your account, you may wish to start following people on Twitter. Click on the “Find People” link on the top right.
15.  On the “Find People” tab, you can search for people, you can find people on other networks (this is where you would import your email contacts), or you can use the Suggested Users tab to find other people. Vizion Interactive recommends that you first follow us ( and perhaps others that are related to your business. You may have suppliers, coworkers, industry associations, and other contacts that you with to follow in your industry.

You may also look at who is following your strongest competitors: if someone is following your competitor then there’s a chance that they will follow you if you follow them. You don’t, of course, have to follow your competitors: you may wish to only follow those who are following your competitors.
Customizing Your Twitter Background

The background should be customized so that the background image and colors reflect the branding of Global Data Vault. There are several additional options for customization available, including a photoshop image template can be found here: There are reports from time to time that Twitter is not currently accepting new background images, so if a background cannot be uploaded then a solid color background can continue to be used. You may wish to coordinate these colors with your current website.
That’s it! Now you have set up your Twitter account, it’s now time to go start Tweeting.