How to Use LinkedIn as a Tool for Marketing and SEO Purposes

Linkedin Logo X  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 2 minutes

LinkedIn can be a great tool for professionals to promote their businesses.  What a lot of professionals don’t know is how effective it can be for both marketing and SEO.

The key to making LinkedIn successful is to create a complete user profile.  There are various sections within LinkedIn that allow you to put in targeted keywords and promote yourself as an expert in your field.
Some main areas to focus on completing are:

  •  Name and Headline – LinkedIn gives you the option to either show your first name and last initial or your full name.  If you are well known in your industry, use your full name to increase searchability.  Your headline should include your name and/or company name depending on which will give you the best results when someone is searching for an expert in your profession or company.
  • Summary – this is where you will summarize your experience, goals and specialties.  This is the perfect place to market your services or products along with your expertise.  You will want to highlight your accomplishments and what you expect for your career’s future.  Including targeted keywords in the Specialties section will increase the likelihood of someone searching for those same keywords.
  • Experience – LinkedIn has a feature where you can import your resume to fill out this and other sections within your profile.  While this may make the process easier, you may still want to review the final result to ensure accuracy but also to take advantage of any opportunities to include keywords or language that promotes you as an expert or key contact in your field.
  • Skills & Expertise – in a basic profile, LinkedIn allows you to enter 50 separate skills or expertise phrases to emphasize your knowledge in your field.  This is an excellent place to enter keywords or phrases to enhance SEO.
  • Groups – while LinkedIn’s group allows for you to join groups related to your profession as well as your personal interests, you may want to consider creating your own group.  Your own group will provide you with credibility in your profession.  Groups are one of the main items that come up when a search is done on the site.

A few other ways to increase SEO and marketing are by including your Website link and your connections.  Instead of just showing the link to your website, LinkedIn allows you to place keywords as anchor text to your site.  For example, instead of, you can show the anchor text as "SEO Agency."

Your connections may not help with SEO but they will definitely help you with marketing.  Remember, even though LinkedIn is used for business, it is still a social media site.  The main way to get your profile to work for you is to connect with your peers.  You can import contacts from emails and past and current jobs to grow your connections.

By following the above tips, you can effectively use LinkedIn as a tool for both SEO and marketing.  You can also improve your profile’s reach by upgrading to a Business or Executive account.

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