If Search Engines Had Tinder

Bing Tinder Profile  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you read the most recent desktop search share report you’d know that Bing is up to 20% of the market share. While Google is still sitting at 64% it’s impressive to see Bing moving forward. While Yahoo hasn’t really done much it seems Google is getting “some” competition from Bing. And a little competition never hurt anyone right? So what does all of this have to do with Tinder?

In all honesty? Not much. Users sort of “pick” what search engine they will “date” each time they use them. No matter the search engine each one gathers data (at some level) to learn a little more about the users. Kind of like when you start dating someone and they try to get to know you and you them.

So we thought if search engines were placed on Tinder and you had to pick one to use based on the profile given, which one would you choose? We created a poll to get a tally after the profiles below. Enjoy!

google tinder profile

bing tinder profile

yahoo tinder profile
 So, which profile would you choose?

*Update 8/23/2016* WTFSEO went all out and did Tinder for Crawlers. Go read it, it’s hilarious.