Increase Your CTR With These Lesser-Known Email Marketing Tips

Emailctr  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 3 minutes

Your click-through rate (CTR) is the number that assesses how many times visitors to your page successfully click through a piece of marketing to a specific goal or end state. Your CTR is a good metric to use to judge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and the overall appeal of your website. You need to be able to entice the customers and visitors to your site to take the next step after they’ve encountered your brand.

Although marketing is a multifaceted and constantly evolving practice, one tried-and-true technique for the digital age is email marketing. Many marketers may consider email marketing a bit outdated in light of the plethora of communication platforms in existence today, but it still provides one of the highest return on investment (ROI) rates of any marketing method. When done correctly, your email marketing can greatly enhance your CTR. We’ve compiled some tips to help you accomplish this, so keep reading to learn more.

Experiment With Subject Lines and Preview Text

Most people decide whether to open an email based on the preview text and subject. If you’re experiencing a lower-than-expected CTR, try mixing up your headlines and preview text. A good method is to create A and B test groups. Send one subject line and preview text to one group, and send another to the other group. Then, see which group has a higher CTR and adjust your approach.

Create Personalized Emails

Customers like to feel connected to the brands they like, and that means creating more memorable, personal interactions. Include personalized information in your emails, such as recent purchases, download history, or other activity on your website and craft a message that resonates with the customer on a personal level. Customers see this as appreciation, and that you are a brand that pays attention to its customers.

Include Social Media Sharing Options

Studies have shown that emails with social media sharing options generate a higher CTR than emails without them. For example, if your email contains a special offer, many customers may not see an immediate value for themselves, but know of a friend who may be interested. They’ll more often than not go through the slight trouble of sharing the information on social media if you make it easy for them to do so.

Segment Your Email Lists

Segmenting your email lists should be a given at this point. When you craft more precisely targeted email marketing campaigns, you increase the likelihood of readers finding value in them. Not every customer will find the same relevance and value in every one of your emails, so taking the time to segment your lists is going to increase your engagement and generate more transactions, rather than simply annoying portions of your email list with repetitive or irrelevant offers.

Create Targeted Content

Similar to segmenting your email list, crafting targeted content conveys value and appreciation to your email list members. Some customers will resonate with some of your content more than others will; when you speak to your readers’ needs in a more concise way, they interpret this as value.

Get to the Point

When customers engage with brands, they certainly want value and relevance, but they don’t want to have to spend all day getting to it. Make sure your email campaign has a very clear goal or objective for the reader. After reading one of your emails, customers should have a clear understanding of the message. Don’t leave them guessing.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Gone are the days of the “hard sell,” where marketers would resort to fear tactics to get potential customers to bite. When you create a sense of urgency, though, you don’t necessarily pressure your readers – you simply let them know they have a limited amount of time in which to act to get the most value out of what you have to offer. If you make sure your emails offer something relevant, valuable, and in limited supply, your readers are far more likely to click through your emails and seize the opportunity.

Make the Next Step Clear

Let your readers know exactly what you want from them. Don’t be vague or imprecise: Make sure your email marketing is clear and to the point with obvious directions for customers who want to take the next step. Without a clear call to action, some of your readers may skim through your emails without noticing what they need to do next and simply move onto something else. Make your intentions clear and remove distractions.

Ultimately, your CTR is going to depend upon how well you know your readers. Take the time to develop a comprehensive email marketing campaign with thoughtfully segmented lists, laser-focused content and offers, and clearly convey value to your readers, and you’re sure to see a noticeable CTR boost.