Interactive TV

For all the hype that convergence has had over the years, it’s really interesting to see how quickly major companies are adopting new technology, all of a sudden.

On today’s, there’s an article about how companies are losing confidence in the :30 television spot. The headline reads “78% say the effectiveness of television is diminishing”. This is just the beginning. We still don’t have really good measures for the ACTUAL reach/frequency of a :30 television spot. When we have a majority of households with a digital (two-way) signal, and Nielsen really begins to monitor these things, we will see exactly how many people actually view a spot and (in the near future?) how many people interacted with a :30 television spot.

When I started selling Interactive advertising for Lycos (February 2000) I was blown away by the measurability of the medium. Of course, I joined Lycos after selling advertising for The Dallas Morning News. At the newspaper, measurement of an ads success was determined by the quality of the print production (a tear-sheet) and the number of people who cut the ad out to bring it into the advertisers locations. All of a sudden, with Lycos, advertisers were calling me within an hour of their ad program going live to say “this isn’t working” or “this is going great”. It was (and still is) amazing to me.

So, now it is that all media is starting to be held to the measurement of “what is this advertising doing to grow our business…really”. I love it.

Other major companies are exploring other new alternatives to their marketing efforts. It’s refreshing to see major companies opening up their minds a little to a varied media mix rather than “well, what money do we have left after we’ve implemented our television buy”. Grated, this creates a much more complex media environment, and agencies are going to have to round out their knowledge base to ensure that they’re able to custom fit a marketing program to a client’s unique marketing goals. Certainly, there are no shortages of unique marketing opportunities in this new world.

To all traditional agencies out there, VIZION Interactive would love to partner with you to bring our knowledge to your team and help you bridge the gap in this transition. :-)