Is the interface that Google is testing for local better for the user?

A few days ago Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land announced that Google was testing a new local knowledge graph interface. If they roll it live it would replace the current carousal view that people are seeing (below the Kansas City version of what SEL posted):

And while that looks pretty cool you have to wonder how effective it really is. Sure it takes up less space than the view shown on Moz’s Google+ page:
image credit Moz

The new view looks more actionable by not letting the user look at the rest of the SERPs. This view is forcing the user to view what’s above the fold and pick a place to find out more information. However, like Linda Buquet mentioned in the comments at SEL, clicking on a listing just takes the user to a branded search. But does the user need to go directly to the business website right away instead of a branded search?

I’m going to say the branded results are good. This new page gives the user a chance to do some research on the place they’ve clicked on. Why go to a website of a business that has really bad customer service? Keeping the user in the SERPs a little longer allows them to do some quick checking and see what other places might offer a better experience.

What about you, do you think the new interface would offer a better experience? What about keeping the user in the SERPs a little longer? Good or bad?