Internal Linking for Related Content

While many obsess over their inbound link profile, quantity of links, quality of links etc., I am one who continuously reminds others that your internal links matter too. Now, I don’t want to start any fights with link-builders out there as I do feel that inbound linking is more important than internal linking but we can’t forget internal linking for two main reasons. It is a way to show search engines which content is relative to another in a site and also to provide pathways for users across your site.

Google has a pretty good idea of the relationship of your content by understanding keyword themes. So it knows which content is closely related to each other but internal linking allows us to link between site pages or towards individual site pages to show hierarchical importance for a given keyword theme.

How do I do this?

If you have a keyword you are trying to rank for, hopefully you have already created a main page for this term, you have it indexed and now it is time to look at additional content that relates to this page. You may have knowingly created supporting content, and you may have not. What is important though is to see what is seen as supporting content in the eyes of Google.

1. Google Search what is inside these quotes, “ keyword”. This is going to show you in first place the page that is ranking for the term or the page that should be ranking for the term. It is also going to show other pages that feature the term in the title, Meta description or copy of the page.

2. Work down the list of pages in the results and find pages which feature content that could use a link on the targeted term in anchor text back to the first place page listing as well as others that are listed in this SERP.

Note: You can use other Google Advanced Operators such as site: and intext: to find related pages by keyword term but I have found that a simple with a space and the keyword pretty much does the same thing.

Another beneficial SEO process that this function aids in is finding keyword cannibalization. In other words, it allows you to see what other page titles are also using this targeted keyword. It is perfectly alright to have additional pages that feature the term but only two pages at most should feature the targeted term in the title element.

See, finding related content on your site for internal linking isn’t that hard!