Internet Marketing Link Roundup [11/08/13]

“I thought this was pretty good at using social to affect Organic.”

“This article lends a little more weight to the idea that your local optimizations via Google + can and will affect the overall SEO performance of your website.  This article also shows you how to optimize your G+ page and measure the local impact it has.”

“This article gives some good advice for online merchants to still obtain some type of organic keywords referrer data.  An article I advise reading prior to this one is which answers the question of why Google went this route and 10 ways to till obtain keywords data.”

“A good write up and reminder on relevance, prominence and distance in regards to local search.”

“I read Bill’s stuff any time he publishes something. If you feel the same, you’ll enjoy this interview.”

“A great piece on focusing more on the visual aspects of your campaign.”

“BuzzStream is known for their tools, and this post ties in some other tools that can really help amplify your outreach efforts.”

“It’s easy to miss a proper social media friendly page setup unless you have these handy templates.”

“This post is by our president, Mark Jackson. I love the controversial conversation that this started.”

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  1. Currently, the advertising and online marketing is very important and critical issues in marketing and advertising for companies and businesses. We expect more in this stage of online marketing. Your information is really great. Thank you for sharing

  2. ChrisLDyson

    Thanks for including Bill’s interview in your roundup

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