Jason Miller Keynote: How to achieve face-melting content, marketing ROI

2/3 of every professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn. They are there to be inspired, to learn and grow in their careers. LinkedIn’s content pages receive 7x the views that the career pages do. If you aren’t posting on LinkedIn you are missing out!

Punk rock killed disco in the 80’s, that’s what content marketing is doing in marketing today.

“Don’t hate the media, become the media.” – Jello Biafra
You don’t need to become a content farm, Google has killed off the content farms. You need more relevant/focused content.

Irrelevant promotions enrage people, don’t piss off your customers. Give them what they want to read when you email them. You have their data in analytics and there are tools out there that can help you uncover this if you don’t know what they want.

Empathize with your prospects and customers. Get on their level and understand where they are coming from and what they are looking for.

Useful x enjoyable x inspirable = innovative content – Ann Hadley
Repurpose content like leftover Turkey, existing content can be reused (reheated) so it can be enhanced to it can be consumed again.

If you want to own the conversation about your company/ideas write the book on it. LinkedIn didn’t own it, other sites did and they were ranking/converting users however they weren’t updating their information. So LinkedIn took it back and are owning it.

The core of the content is written so it can be used globally, it isn’t specified to a particular region or niche.

What does the success of content marketing look like?

The always strategy:

  • Email
  • Blog
  • Inmail
  • Company page
  • Sponsored updates
  • Slideshare
  • Display
  • PPC
  • Twitter

Don’t publish a piece of content and call it quits. One post by itself isn’t going to do anything by itself, get AS MUCH value out of it as you can. Push it out, promote it, email it around and ask people to share it. Where all can you publish one blog post? But post it, email it to RELEVANT resources and contacts. Do not spam, not every blog post is going to go to the same person(s). The same audience that gets post A may not like post B.

For example SEO has several niches within it, clients of SEO have their own needs. One group of people that need social media won’t want something about local listing management.

If you don’t have funds to pay for your own paid promotions you’re already a step behind. Invest in your own content, stand behind it and share it with others.

Set up a test of different updates to reach different audiences. Always be testing.
Lazy marketers say “check out my blog post” What is that? Nothing, give people incentive and tell them why they need to go read it.
“The only art I’ll every study is stuff I can steal” – David Bowie

Look at what has been done right and was promoted well, how can that be copied or done even better? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to content marketing, it’s already been done.
Customers need brands that can lead the conversation, they need a reason to follow you.

How do you differentiate yourself from others selling the same thing? Do what Betty Crocker did, become a thought leader. Stand out in the industry and be the one people will listen to while everyone else is selling the same thing but doing nothing.

One person can’t be the whole band, it takes different people working together seamlessly to provide an amazing product. Content marketing is a focused cohesive team effort.
“People want a thrill, people want a spectacle and people love to be entertained” – Paul Stanley