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This week I got to analyze PPC landing pages with a client and I had an absolute blast. There were two pages that stuck out from the others. Both pages were very similar in content. One was a little more serious and had somewhat negative content as a deterrent for unqualified leads. The other page was more open and friendly. They both had the exact same call to action.

The interesting fact is that the page with the more negative content is outperforming the other page. The page designs are only slightly different; the negative page has bolded bullets. Always remember that the page you think will perform the best may not always be what your searching audience is looking for and sometimes the only difference is one slight change.

I had a client once that was getting tons of hits but no conversions. All we did was simply change out the stock picture on that page from a man on a phone to a woman on a phone and the lead forms poured in. One small change can have a very different effect. Even if it is just a change in font, color of background or the color of your submit/order button. Never be afraid to test out different pages.

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  1. Similar experience here. I have noticed that video incorporation on landing pages also does a good job of increasing conversions for many of my clients.
    Thanks for sharing Brandy!
    Mike Stewart

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